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SubjectRe: Honestly, f__k systemd and f__k lennart, and f__k the fans of them. Where's linus in all of this?
Yep another systemd supporter tactic:
shut down debate.

Also brush up on your colloquial english language skills.
I never said systemd itself was crap.
"Everyone knows that the systemd crap"
IE: The systemd "stuff".

>ChaosEsque Team:
>> Everyone knows that the systemd crap [...]
>Well, having used systemd for the past umpteen momnths, I can state from
>personal knowledge that it works rather well. "Crap" by definition does
>not, therefore systemd es not crap.
>Ergo, your main premise is hereby refuted.
>*NOW* will you kindly shut up?
>You're not helping anybody, not even those who otherwise share your opinion.
>I hereby formally ask the listmasters to please block these persons(?);
>enough is enough.
>-- Matthias Urlichs

You did state that if systemd was not default
you would leave debian. It's always
has to be your way, systemd people.

>Aigars Mahinovs wrote:
>Not respecting the communication culture of the project is a perfectly
>reasonable reason for a ban, regardless of the opinion expressed by
>the banned or held by the banners.

When the communication culture means accept systemd,
stop debating, stop trying to prevent the forcing
of systemd on the debian community..

In that case, screw the rules.
A revolution is needed when all power is
in the hands of systemd supporters.

FOUR people should not beable to overturn
30 years of rock solid sysv stability.
(20 years in debian).

FOUR people should not beable to cancel out
the knowlege of how linux works of thousands
of debian customers (yea, im not using your
disrespectful "(l)users" phrase, people
who run debian are not as dumb as you systemd
people make us out to be, we DO care about
init and ARE paying attention) and replace
it with your own different ideas that we
then are forced to learn.

The only reason systemd is to be forced
on us is because a systemd supporter
had the chair position in the debain
tech-ctte oligarchic planning commission.

You shouldn't be able to declare sysv
"depreciated", "going to be removed",
"bit rotting" (wtf, the script is written
once and works forever unless the daemon
is rewritten to fork a few extra times
for no particular reason, most scripts
are write once work forevermore, and
they exist, now. You want to rip them out)

You shouldn't be allowed to proclaim
that systemd is the victor and you shouldn't
be allowed to force or cajole us all
to use systemd via the undemocratic
debian process.

Even if you do aquire a majority, you
should not be allowed to take away
the rights of the slight minority.

We know sysv. It works fine. Alot of
us do NOT want to use systemd. But you
people say we have to or leave debian.

In that case debian needs to be split,
and you systemd people need to be tossed
out of one half of it, just as you are
trying (and succeding) in tossing out
non-systemd users and devs from debian

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