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SubjectRe: [PATCH] expand micro-optimizations in kernel to newer model CPUs

this patch is used in Gentoo geek-sources and mptcp-sources (and
probably in lot other kernel sources sets). So, there was lot testing.

It's not _big_ performance difference, but -mtune=native is nice to
It could be great, if this kernel option could be fully utilized without
need of additional patching.

Thank for your work guys.


Dne 2013-12-08 16:53, John napsal:
> I have been maintaining the attached patch since kernel v3.9.[1]  I
> submit for review the most recent incarnation which works with the
> v3.12 tree.  As you can see by the ANOVA plots referenced in the
> comments, these micro optimizations are value-added statistically
> based on a compilation endpoint and are on-par with the included
> "core2" option in the mainline kernel itself.
> I maintain an unofficial Arch Linux kernel repo and have been
> building/packaging kernels using this patch for many different CPUs
> and Arches.  I feel this code has been tested by the >2,500 users of
> my repo on many different CPUs and under both x86 and x86_64
> systems[2] and feel it is worth for inclusion into the mainline
> kernel.
> Please cc me on replies as I am NOT a regular subscriber to lkml.
>  Thank you.
> 1.
> 2,
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