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Subject[PATCH v3 0/2] test modules
This is a pair of test modules I'd like to see in the tree. Instead
of putting these in lkdtm, where I've been adding various tests that
trigger crashes, these don't make sense there since they need to be
either distinctly separate, or their pass/fail state don't need to crash
the machine.

These live in lib/ for now, along with a few other in-kernel test modules,
and use the slightly more common "test_" naming convention, instead of
"test-". We should likely standardize on the former:

$ find . -name 'test_*.c' | grep -v /tools/ | wc -l
$ find . -name 'test-*.c' | grep -v /tools/ | wc -l

The first is entirely a no-op module, designed to allow simple testing
of the module loading and verification interface. It's useful to have
a module that has no other uses or dependencies so it can be reliably
used for just testing module loading and verification.

The second is a module that exercises the user memory access functions,
in an effort to make sure that we can quickly catch any regressions in
boundary checking (e.g. like what was recently fixed on ARM).



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