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SubjectRe: [PATCH v10] Repost of PVH patches for Linux.
On 13/12/13 02:10, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk wrote:
> Hey,
> Mukesh had posted them quite a while ago - they got reviewed, acked, etc,
> put in #linux-next, got patches to fix some things from folks.
> Then everybody focused on the Xen patches .. and now that is mostly
> baked this is what is needed on the Linux side to make it work
> with PVH. I had them based on v3.6, then merged on v3.11, then..
> Decided to rebase all of them on v3.13-rc3 to make it easier.

In general the series is a bit of mess, early patches doing things one
way (using hypercalls that no longer exist for example) and later
patches fixing things up. I think this should be sorted out as it makes
it too difficult to review carefully (I've only given the series a
quick, initial review).

> Couple of things:
> a) the patch:
> [PATCH V10 14/14] xen/pvh: vcpu info placement, load CS selector,
> could be split in three - and I think Mukesh did have a version like that.
> I can do it myself and will - it should be obvious of how it will be done.
> b). Regression testing - I ran this with a Linux kernel dom0 (32 and 64)
> on the latest Xen hypervisor without PVH enabled. It booted all the
> guests I had:
> RHEL5, SLES11, SLES12, F15, F16, F17, F18, F19, OEL5, OEL6, NetBSD PV,
> FreeBSD HVM; and also 32 and 64 PV and PVHVM combination of the same
> kernel (and save/restore on those). Nothing broke.

That's good to know.


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