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SubjectRe: Resume regression on MBA2,1 triggered by 2167e2399dc5e69c62db56d933e9c8cbe107620a
On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 01:08:52AM +0100, Bruno Prémont wrote:
> Hi Bjørn, Rafael,
> I have bisected failing resume from S3 on my MBA2,1 to be caused by
> the following patch (introduced between 3.13-rc2 and 3.13-rc3 - rc2
> resuming as expected, rc3 failing to resume).
> Unfortunately I have no trace for the failing resume though CPU seems
> to not be busy as fan does not start blowing (even when waiting more
> than 10 minutes for the resume to eventually proceed which it does not).
> Kernel config and dmesg are attached (gzip compressed).
> commit 2167e2399dc5e69c62db56d933e9c8cbe107620a
> Author: Bjørn Mork <>
> Date: Tue Dec 3 12:14:32 2013 +0100
> Subject: cpufreq: fix garbage kobjects on errors during suspend/resume

This has already been reverted in Linus's tree, see commit
d4faadd5d5b368a7051fef374ee933ec3606713b for the details.

Does Linus's tree still have the same problem for you?


greg k-h
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