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Subjectlinux-next: manual merge of the slave-dma tree with the imx-mxs tree
Hi Vinod,

Today's linux-next merge of the slave-dma tree got a conflict in
arch/arm/boot/dts/imx51.dtsi between commit 975bbc1e679b ("ARM: imx51:
use clock defines in DTS files") from the imx-mxs tree and commit
786f0db6d439 ("ARM: dts: imx: use dual-fifo sdma script for ssi") from
the slave-dma tree.

I fixed it up (see below) and can carry the fix as necessary (no action
is required).

Stephen Rothwell

$ git checkout master
$ git reset --hard stable
Merging origin/master (dda9cc3a1451 Merge tag 'gpio-v3.13-2' of git://
Merging fixes/master (8ae516aa8b81 Merge tag 'trace-fixes-v3.13-rc1' of git://
Merging kbuild-current/rc-fixes (19514fc665ff arm, kbuild: make "make install" not depend on vmlinux)
Merging arc-current/for-curr (da990a4f2d5a ARC: [perf] Fix a few thinkos)
Merging arm-current/fixes (476d1c03d202 ARM: dma-mapping: check DMA mask against available memory)
Merging m68k-current/for-linus (77a42796786c m68k: Remove deprecated IRQF_DISABLED)
Merging metag-fixes/fixes (3b2f64d00c46 Linux 3.11-rc2)
Merging powerpc-merge/merge (721cb59e9d95 powerpc/windfarm: Fix XServe G5 fan control Makefile issue)
Merging sparc/master (b4789b8e6be3 aacraid: prevent invalid pointer dereference)
Merging net/master (2c7a9dc16416 be2net: Avoid programming permenant MAC by BE3-R VFs)
Merging ipsec/master (be408cd3e1fe Merge git://
Merging sound-current/for-linus (eb9ca3ab2194 ALSA: hda - Add LFE chmap to ASUS ET2700)
Merging pci-current/for-linus (4bff6749905d PCI: Move device_del() from pci_stop_dev() to pci_destroy_dev())
Merging wireless/master (d5aedd7e1b2f Merge branch 'for-john' of git://
Merging driver-core.current/driver-core-linus (81440e737444 Revert "sysfs: handle duplicate removal attempts in sysfs_remove_group()")
Merging tty.current/tty-linus (c42b4e6501cd Revert "n_gsm: race between ld close and gsmtty open")
Merging usb.current/usb-linus (c24cb6c8b501 Merge tag 'fixes-for-v3.13-rc2' of git:// into usb-linus)
Merging staging.current/staging-linus (930ba4a374b9 Staging: tidspbridge: disable driver)
Merging char-misc.current/char-misc-linus (d0b00d3fb96d Merge tag 'extcon-linus-for-3.13-rc2' of git:// into char-misc-linus)
Merging input-current/for-linus (358f24704f2f Input: add key code for ambient light sensor button)
Merging md-current/for-linus (d47648fcf061 raid5: avoid finding "discard" stripe)
Merging crypto-current/master (8ec25c512916 crypto: testmgr - fix sglen in test_aead for case 'dst != src')
Merging ide/master (c2f7d1e103ef ide: pmac: remove unnecessary pci_set_drvdata())
Merging dwmw2/master (5950f0803ca9 pcmcia: remove RPX board stuff)
Merging sh-current/sh-fixes-for-linus (44033109e99c SH: Convert out[bwl] macros to inline functions)
Merging devicetree-current/devicetree/merge (1931ee143b0a Revert "drivers: of: add initialization code for dma reserved memory")
Merging rr-fixes/fixes (f6537f2f0eba scripts/kallsyms: filter symbols not in kernel address space)
Merging mfd-fixes/master (88ec6a4d8369 Merge tag 'mfd-lee-3.13-fixes-1' of git://
Merging vfio-fixes/for-linus (d93b3ac0edb8 VFIO: vfio_iommu_type1: fix bug caused by break in nested loop)
Merging drm-intel-fixes/for-linux-next-fixes (32cf0cb02948 drm/i915: Fix pipe CSC post offset calculation)
Merging asm-generic/master (fb9de7ebc3a2 xtensa: Use generic asm/mmu.h for nommu)
Merging arc/for-next (418556e7743b ARC: [SMP] optimize IPI send and receive)
Merging arm/for-next (e69662a3b19d Merge branches 'fixes', 'kees' and 'misc' into for-next)
Merging arm-perf/for-next/perf (6ce4eac1f600 Linux 3.13-rc1)
Merging arm-soc/for-next (9f6f9eb67d48 Merge branch 'fixes' into for-next)
Merging arm-v7-cache-opt/v7-cache-opt (e11d68fee368 arm: mm: refactor v7 cache cleaning ops to use way/index sequence)
Merging bcm2835/for-next (7d132055814e Linux 3.10-rc6)
Merging cortex-m/for-next (9c031a483646 ARM: v7-M: drop using mach/entry-macro.S)
Merging ep93xx/ep93xx-for-next (bfb0709fd17b Merge branch 'ep93xx-fixes' into ep93xx-for-next)
Merging imx-mxs/for-next (8bb2a9b78b11 Merge branches 'imx/soc' and 'imx/dt' into for-next)
Merging ixp4xx/next (19f949f52599 Linux 3.8)
Merging msm/for-next (81cf1e061d00 ARM: msm: Rename msm devicetrees to have standard 'qcom' prefix)
Merging mvebu/for-next (e210fca4aaf9 Merge branch 'mvebu/dt' into for-next)
Merging renesas/next (4c92422b0a8c Merge tag 'renesas-clocksource-for-v3.13' into devel)
Merging samsung/for-next (6ce4eac1f600 Linux 3.13-rc1)
Merging tegra/for-next (6ce4eac1f600 Linux 3.13-rc1)
Merging arm64/upstream (67317c268956 ARM64: /proc/interrupts: display IPIs of online CPUs only)
Merging blackfin/for-linus (36855dcfc980 blackfin: fix build warning for unused variable)
Merging c6x/for-linux-next (546153d75a48 c6x: fix build failure caused by cache.h)
Merging cris/for-next (be8cb7f42ab9 CRIS: drop unused Kconfig symbols)
Merging hexagon/linux-next (de44443a45e3 HEXAGON: Remove non existent reference to GENERIC_KERNEL_EXECVE & GENERIC_KERNEL_THREAD)
Merging ia64/next (959f58544b7f Linux 3.12-rc7)
Merging m68k/for-next (50190edb2a56 m68k/amiga: Provide mach_random_get_entropy())
Merging m68knommu/for-next (d4d80b54a862 m68k : Kill CONFIG_MTD_PARTITIONS)
Merging metag/for-next (cdf8d75818e3 metag: dma: remove dead code in dma_alloc_init())
Merging microblaze/next (a1dd107fcafa microblaze: Remove duplicate declarations of _stext[] and _etext[])
Merging mips/mips-for-linux-next (6ca0bf323c14 Merge branch '3.13-fixes' into mips-for-linux-next)
Merging openrisc/for-upstream (60a9dd5a10a1 openrisc: Use get_signal() signal_setup_done())
Merging parisc/for-next (6c700d71f7fa [PARISC] hpux: Remove obsolete regs parameter from do_execve() in hpux_execve())
Merging parisc-hd/for-next (82023bb7f75b Merge tag 'pm+acpi-2-3.13-rc1' of git://
Merging powerpc/next (280270828f10 powerpc: Wrong DWARF CFI in the kernel vdso for little-endian / ELFv2)
Merging mpc5xxx/next (7e198197ec87 powerpc/mpc512x: remove unnecessary #if)
Merging galak/next (9e2ecdbba3b0 powerpc/fsl-booke: add the reg prop for pci bridge device node for T4/B4)
Merging s390/features (f83bc037ad05 s390/blacklist: Perform subchannel scan only when needed)
Merging sh/sh-latest (37284bd93103 Merge branches 'sh/hw-breakpoints' and 'sh/serial-of' into sh-latest)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in include/linux/serial_sci.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/tty/serial/sh-sci.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in arch/sh/kernel/cpu/sh2a/Makefile
Merging sparc-next/master (049ffa8ab33a Merge branch 'drm-next' of git://
Merging tile/master (9248053f80fd tile: Remove tile-specific _sinitdata and _einitdata)
Merging unicore32/unicore32 (c284464658ac arch/unicore32: remove CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL)
Merging xtensa/for_next (dcc345a63b61 xtensa: implement CPU hotplug)
Merging btrfs/next (91aef86f3b8a Btrfs: rename btrfs_start_all_delalloc_inodes)
Merging ceph/master (02d794b3142e ceph: allocate non-zero page to fscache in readpage())
Merging cifs/for-next (75e068fa2439 mounting SMB2 with mapchars fails)
Merging configfs/linux-next (b930c26416c4 Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
Merging ecryptfs/next (2000f5beabc9 eCryptfs: file->private_data is always valid)
Merging ext3/for_next (7ba3ec5749dd ext2: Fix fs corruption in ext2_get_xip_mem())
Merging ext4/dev (3f61c0cc706d ext4: add prototypes for macro-generated functions)
Merging f2fs/dev (4607fbf82668 f2fs: send REQ_META or REQ_PRIO when reading meta area)
Merging fscache/fscache (7c604e5d6e56 FS-Cache: Fix handling of an attempt to store a page that is now beyond EOF)
Merging fuse/for-next (ce128de6260f fuse: writepages: protect secondary requests from fuse file release)
Merging gfs2/master (7a66e7559ea8 GFS2: Remove gfs2_quota_change_host structure)
Merging jfs/jfs-next (8660998608cf jfs: fix error path in ialloc)
Merging logfs/master (339466142b3f Fix the call to BUG() caused by no free segment found)
Merging nfs/linux-next (c97cf606e43b NFSv4: Update list of irrecoverable errors on DELEGRETURN)
Merging nfsd/nfsd-next (d2c2ad54c485 Merge git://
Merging omfs/for-next (976d167615b6 Linux 3.1-rc9)
Merging squashfs/master (6d565409503f Squashfs: fix failure to unlock pages on decompress error)
Merging v9fs/for-next (f94741fd2832 net/9p: remove virtio default hack and set appropriate bits instead)
Merging ubifs/linux-next (58a4e23703b2 UBIFS: correct data corruption range)
Merging xfs/for-next (2fe8c1c08b3f xfs: open code inc_inode_iversion when logging an inode)
Merging vfs/for-next (27ac0ffeac80 locks: break delegations on any attribute modification)
Merging pci/next (6ce4eac1f600 Linux 3.13-rc1)
Merging hid/for-next (9ac5fb6d7fc1 Merge branch 'for-3.14/i2c-hid' into for-next)
Merging i2c/i2c/for-next (07a27a004727 i2c: bcm2835: Linking platform nodes to adapter nodes)
Merging jdelvare-hwmon/master (b16f9771248b hwmon: (it87) Print proper names for the IT8771E and IT8772E)
Merging hwmon-staging/hwmon-next (6ce4eac1f600 Linux 3.13-rc1)
Merging v4l-dvb/master (52eca34d5e35 Merge branch 'patchwork' into to_next)
Merging kbuild/for-next (e6483a58eca6 Merge branch 'kbuild/misc' into kbuild/for-next)
Merging kconfig/for-next (4eae518d4b01 localmodconfig: Fix localyesconfig to set to 'y' not 'm')
Merging libata/for-next (d665f5f731f0 Merge branch 'for-3.13-fixes' into for-next)
Merging pstore/master (bd08ec33b5c2 pstore/ram: Restore ecc information block)
Merging pm/linux-next (089a1c0be213 Merge branch 'pm-cpufreq-next' into linux-next)
Merging idle/next (8de8187d167c Merge branches 'acpi-blacklist-year' and 'avn-upstream' into release)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/idle/intel_idle.c
Merging apm/for-next (fb9d78aca709 Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
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