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SubjectRe: Scheduler queues for less os-jitter?
On Sun, 2012-11-04 at 10:20 +0100, Uwaysi Bin Kareem wrote: 
> Ok, anyway realtime processes did not work quite as expected.
> ("overloaded" machine, even though cpu-time is only 10%). So I guess I
> have to enable cgroups and live with the overhead then.
> If I set cpu-limits there, does that involve an absolute value, or is it
> normalized, so that even if I do 0.001% cpu for processes, they get all
> cpu, when there is nothing running?

See Documentation/cgroups. Between cgroups, cpusets, scheduler classes
and priorities, you have heaping truckloads of control over what runs
where and when. The missing element in your low jitter quest is a
desktop and applications that were written for realtime performance.


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