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SubjectRe: Scheduler queues for less os-jitter?
On Wed, 2012-10-10 at 20:13 +0200, Uwaysi Bin Kareem wrote: 
> I was just wondering, have you considered this?
> If daemons are contributing to os-jitter, wouldn`t having them all on
> their own queue reduce jitter? So people could have the stuff like in
> Ubuntu they want, without affecting jitter, or needing stuff like Tiny
> Core, for tiny jitter?
> So you get (simplified) something like mainapp - process1 in queue 2,
> mainapp - process2 in queue 2, mainapp - process 3 in queue 2, etc.
> Or is that already batch maybe, lol.

You could try SCHED_AUTOGROUP, or create whatever task groups manually,
or use systemd to do that for you. Like everything else having anything
to do with scheduling, all are double edged swords, so may help, may


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