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SubjectRe: Regression: boot failure on AMD Elan TS-5500
H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
>>> Looking at the beginning of startup_32, it seems ds is used before
>>> it is set:
>>> startup_32:
>>> cld
>>> /* test KEEP_SEGMENTS flag to see if the bootloader is asking
>>> * us to not reload segments */
>>> testb $(1<<6), BP_loadflags(%esi)
>>> jnz 1f
>>> cli
>>> movl $(__BOOT_DS),%eax
>>> movl %eax,%ds
>>> movl %eax,%es
>>> movl %eax,%fs
>>> movl %eax,%gs
>>> movl %eax,%ss
>>> 1:
>>> Since the testb instruction is a dereference, ds is implicitly used. If
>>> I move the testb to after "movl %eax,%ds" it seems to work (not that it
>>> would make any sense there, but just to prove the point).
>>> 1) Am I barking up the wrong tree?
>>> 2) If I'm right I have no idea what the correct solution is; it
>>> seems that
>>> a chicken & egg issue is introduced.
>>> Please advise. I am very new to all of this.
>> It's a bit odd that the boot loader neglected to set up ds properly,
>> but changing the testb line to
>> testb $(1<<6), %cs:BP_loadflags(%esi)
>> should work. (Or perhaps a %ss: override would be better?)
>> I'm assuming that the GDT setup isn't completely mad and that the
>> segments have the same base at least.
> This should have been set up by the *boot code* (specifically lines
> 57-61 of arch/x86/boot/pmjump.S) since he's using a conventional boot
> loader (syslinux) so something is utterly fuggled up.

Hm, yeah.

> Using %cs: here should be safe, though (and *is* more conservative,
> after all, why otherwise bother reloading these segments at all?), but
> it still concerns me a great deal if this is broken in this way. It's
> definitely better than %ss:.
> In particular, I'm wondering if the Elan CPU has any strange ordering
> requirements with regards to the protected mode transition that we're
> not obeying.

Maybe it really does require the far jump immediately after setting PE
in cr0...

Hm, I don't remember this paragraph being in vol 3a, section 8.9.1
before. Is it a recent addition?

Random failures can occur if other instructions exist between steps
3 and 4 above. Failures will be readily seen in some situations,
such as when instructions that reference memory are inserted between
steps 3 and 4 while in system management mode.


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