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SubjectRegression: boot failure on AMD Elan TS-5500
The symptons are either a crash or reboot on booting the kernel. No printk's
have occurred yet -- even with early printk on.

2.6.15 worked on this board however current does not. I've bisected it to:

commit a24e785111a32ccb7cebafd24b1b1cb474ea8e5d
Author: Rusty Russell <>
Date: Sun Oct 21 16:41:35 2007 -0700

i386: paravirt boot sequence

This patch uses the updated boot protocol to do paravirtualized boot.
If the boot version is >= 2.07, then it will do two things:

1. Check the bootparams loadflags to see if we should reload the
segment registers and clear interrupts. This is appropriate
for normal native boot and some paravirtualized environments, but
inapproprate for others.

2. Check the hardware architecture, and dispatch to the appropriate
kernel entrypoint. If the bootloader doesn't set this, then we
simply do the normal boot sequence.

Unfortunately this patch can't be reverse-applied onto mainline, so I've
tried it on 2.6.24-rc1. 2.6.24-rc1 as-is fails, but with this patch
reverted it does work.

This is the board:


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