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Subjectoops in Audiowerk2 ALSA driver
There's a race between registration routine and interrupt handler in aw2 driver
which manifested as oops on some box [1].

When snd_aw2_create calls request_irq chip data are not yet fully initialized.
If interrupt raises before snd_aw2_create call snd_aw2_saa7146_setup, driver may
oops or read/write other port than its own. (chip->base_addr is initialized in
snd_aw2_saa7146_setup, but is used in snd_aw2_saa7146_interrupt via READREG/WRITEREG)

The simple fix would be to move call to snd_aw2_saa7146_setup before request_irq,
but snd_aw2_saa7146_setup enables interrupts...

PS: I don't have this hardware.



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