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SubjectRe: Linux with kvm-intel locks up VMplayer guest is started
Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Anthony Liguori <> [2008-06-16 10:21]:
>>> Any idea if this is a kernel bug, BIOS issue or a bug in VMplayer?
>> This has been fixed in the latest KVM code base AFAIK.
> Can you give some more information? Which commit fixed the problem?

commit 1f4e1d64122369d65d8a9c616112780019fb6188
Author: Eli Collins <>
Date: Sun Jun 1 20:24:40 2008 -0700

> Was the patch submitted to the 2.6.25-stable tree?

No, it's not a regression. I misread your first email btw, you have to
unload the kvm-intel kernel module to use VMware.

VMware is a binary kernel module that's out of kernel. KVM is not
misbehaving and the fact that VMware breaks when the KVM module is
loaded isn't our problem. If they submitted their code for inclusion in
mainline, we could possibly come up with solution for arbitrating who is
using VT.


Anthony Liguori

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