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SubjectRe: Linux with kvm-intel locks up VMplayer guest is started
Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> When I start a guest in vmplayer, my laptop locks up hard. I found
> out that this only happens when the kvm-intel module has been loaded.
> When I unload this module, I can start vmware guests just fine.
> I see this problem on a HP Compaq 2510p notebook with Intel Core2 Duo
> U7600 @ 1.20GHz, but
> describes exactly the same problem on a Lenovo T61 (custom build),
> Core 2 T7500 on a Santa Rosa. I've seen this with at least 2.6.24 and
> 2.6.25.
> I don't have a serial console, but I started VMplayer and
> immediately switched to the console but nothing is displayed
> (i.e. no kernel panic; it simply locks up hard).
> Any idea if this is a kernel bug, BIOS issue or a bug in VMplayer?

This has been fixed in the latest KVM code base AFAIK.


Anthony Liguori

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