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Subject[PATCH 0/6] memcg: hierarchy updates (v4)
Hi, this is memcg hierarchy series v4. but I changed the title.
Thank you for many replies to v3.

This is against 2.6.26-rc5-mm3.

I rearranged the patch stack and much amount of codes are rewritten.
I think I answers most of advices in this version. If I misses, please
point out again, sorry.

Balbir, I'd like to write a generic infrastructure to allow me and you to
implement what we want. So, please check patches in the view,
how res_counter is used and whether my codes can have a bad effect to
what you want or not.

- rearranged patch stack.
- "limit change" handling is divided.
- moves basic res_counter handling to res_counter from memcg.

Short description of patches.
- [1/6] ...a callback for change-of-limit support to res_counter.
- [2/6] ...make use of change-of-limit support in memcg.
- [3/6] ...a special case of implicit change-of-limit at rmdir()
- [4/6] ...a hierarchy support infrastructure for res_counter.
- [5/6] ...HARDWALL hierarchy support in res_counter.
- [6/6] ...HARDWALL hierarhcy in memcg.

It seems rc5-mm3 needs more test and I will not be able to answer e-mail quickly.
please check when you have free time ;)

Anyway, I'd like to push [1/6] and [2/6] , at first. Others will be scheduled


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