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Subject[PATCH 0/5] 2.6.25-rc3-mm1 hotplug memory remove updates
Hi Andrew & Paul,

Here are the updates for hotplug memory remove. Most changes are
PPC specific, but I would like these to be included in next -mm
for easy testing and review, before including in Paul's tree.

eHEA driver folks are verifying if the exported interface
walk_memory_resource() is good enough for their needs. And also,
we are verifying the code on x86_64. Once that is done, we may
be able to cleanup some of the code (make remove_memory() arch

We still have an issue with not being able to free up the allocations
that came from bootmem. Yasunori Goto wants to clean up that code.

[PATCH 1/5] generic __remove_pages() support
[PATCH 2/5] [PPC] htab_remove_mapping() error handling
[PATCH 3/5] [PPC] hotplug memory notifications for ppc
[PATCH 4/5] [PPC] update lmb for hotplug memory add/remove
[PATCH 5/5] [PPC] provide walk_memory_resource() for ppc

Testing: All the patches are tested on p-series LPAR configuration,
writing to /sysfs & /proc, through DLPAR tools and through HMC.
Testing on x86_64 needs more work.


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