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SubjectRe: 2.6.25-rc3-mm1 - BUG at system shutdown time

* <> wrote:

> I may have to try again to figure out how to bisect the git-x86 tree -
> Ingo send me a pointer to his git-x86 cheat sheet, I looked at it but
> I couldn't figure out how to tell 'git bisect' that the starting good
> spot was "whatever corresponded to the git-x86 patch in 24-rc8-mm1"
> and bad was "25-rc3-mm1". I tried using the first commit ID listed in
> the patch, but that gave me this:

the best way to bisect the x86.git-only commits is to do:

git-bisect bad x86/latest
git-bisect good x86/base

the 'base' branch is the upstream tree that x86.git is based against.
This will minimize the number of bisection points as well, because
you'll only bisect x86.git patches.

[ and make sure you test x86/base first to establish that it's truly
'good' :-) ]


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