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SubjectRe: 2.6.25-rc3-mm1 - BUG at system shutdown time

* <> wrote:

> git-bisect good ad42b55d36238ebb9fa4d7a538ef691a76397c46
> # good: [56b412e63863ea82a5720315076c7dbd1d9888cd] x86: change x86 to use generic find_next_bit
> git-bisect good 56b412e63863ea82a5720315076c7dbd1d9888cd
> # good: [42de918f25dc9a49fb9688e22c2a3f2b156cc1bf] x86: prevent unconditional writes to DebugCtl MSR
> git-bisect good 42de918f25dc9a49fb9688e22c2a3f2b156cc1bf
> At this point, 'git bisect visualize' shows 9 commits left to bisect
> through, and all are dated 03/10 or later. However, since 25-rc3-mm1
> had the problem, it had to be something in-tree as of 03/05.
> Is it possible that the problem code was in the git-x86 tree when
> Andrew pulled for -rc3-mm1 and -rc5-mm1, but had been reverted by the
> time I grabbed the tree, so the /x86/base' was in fact *good* by that
> point?

no, we frequently regenerate the x86.git tree so the dates have little
relevance. If for any particular pull, x86/base is good and x86/latest
is bad, then the bug is somewhere in those 200-300 patches inbetween.
They are lined up linearly so should be perfectly bisectable.


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