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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 02/29] LoongArch: KVM: Implement kvm module related interface
On 2/21/23 07:59, maobibo wrote:
>> Also, why does the world switch code need a copy?
> There will be problem in world switch code if there is page fault reenter,
> since pgd register is shared between root kernel and kvm hypervisor.
> World switch entry need be unmapped area, cannot be tlb mapped area.

So if I understand correctly the processor is in direct address
translation mode until the "csrwr t0, LOONGARCH_CSR_CRMD" instruction.
Where does it leave paged mode?

Can you please also add comments to kvm_vector_entry explaining the
processor state after a VZ exception entry (interrupts, paging, ...)?


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