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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] scsi: ufs: core: Fix mcq tag calcualtion
On 2/21/23 07:29, Po-Wen Kao wrote:
> Transfer command descriptor is allocated in ufshcd_memory_alloc()
> and referenced by transfer request descriptor with stride size
> sizeof_utp_transfer_cmd_desc()
> instead of
> sizeof(struct utp_transfer_cmd_desc).
> Consequently, computing tag by address offset should also refer to the
> same stride.
> As suggested, sizeof_utp_transfer_cmd_desc() is further renamed to
> ufshcd_get_ucd_size().

This patch includes two changes:
(1) a bug fix.
(2) a name change for a function.

A Linux kernel patch should include only one logical change. Please
split this patch.



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