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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 05/29] LoongArch: KVM: Add vcpu related header files
On 2/21/23 08:12, Xi Ruoyao wrote:
>> We are preparing to submit these instruction support for binutils,
>> however it is still necessary. Supposing that it is supported in future
>> gcc version, we can not drop existing gcc 12/13 supporting to compiling
>> kernel with LoongArch architecture.
> You can drop the support for KVM with less capable Binutils versions,
> like:
> config AS_HAS_LVZ
> def_bool $(as-instr some_gcsr_insn \$r0, \$gcsr0)
> config KVM
> depends on AS_HAS_LVZ

There are precedents in Linux for using .word when necessary. There's
no reason to prevent using KVM on old Binutils versions.


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