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SubjectRe: [PATCH] rust: time: New module for timekeeping functions
On 22/02/2023 01.27, Asahi Lina wrote:
> I think that's the better approach, but I was hoping to leave that for a
> future patch, especially since right now I'm the only user of this API
> in the upcoming Apple GPU driver and it only uses it to implement some
> really simple timeouts for polled operations, which isn't much API
> coverage... I figured we might get a better idea for what to do once a
> second user comes along. For example, do we want straight methods like
> that or std::ops trait impls? And do we make everything fallible or
> panic on overflow or just wrap?

Also, it's probably worth mentioning that this kind of refactor can be
done without rewriting all the user code. For example, here is how I use
the APIs:

let timeout = time::ktime_get() + Duration::from_millis(...);
while time::ktime_get() < timeout {

Even if ktime_get() starts returning another type, as long as it can
interoperate with core::time::Duration the same way, it will continue to
compile (and if it only interoperates with a new kernel-specific
Duration, you'd only have to change the `use` statement at the top).

~~ Lina

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