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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] riscv: Introduce KASLR
Alexandre Ghiti <> writes:

> The following KASLR implementation allows to randomize the kernel mapping:
> - virtually: we expect the bootloader to provide a seed in the device-tree
> - physically: only implemented in the EFI stub, it relies on the firmware to
> provide a seed using EFI_RNG_PROTOCOL. arm64 has a similar implementation
> hence the patch 3 factorizes KASLR related functions for riscv to take
> advantage.
> The new virtual kernel location is limited by the early page table that only
> has one PUD and with the PMD alignment constraint, the kernel can only take
> < 512 positions.
> Note that the patch "riscv: Use PUD/P4D/PGD pages for the linear
> mapping" is necessary to retrieve the memory below the physical kernel
> address, so that the EFI stub does not have to try to relocate the kernel
> as close as possible to the start of dram.
> This patchset is rebased on top of:
> Introduce 64b relocatable kernel (
> RISC-V kasan rework (
> riscv: Use PUD/P4D/PGD pages for the linear mapping (
> riscv: Allow to downgrade paging mode from the command line (
> base-commit-tag: v6.2-rc7
> This patchset was tested with u-boot boottime service for the seed on:
> - ubuntu defconfig + kasan outline (sv39, sv48, sv57): OK
> - ubuntu defconfig + kasan inline (sv39, sv48, sv57): OK
> - ubuntu defconfg (sv39, sv48, sv57): OK

I've taken the series for a spin (qemu u-boot UEFI, and qemu non-UEFI),
on-top of the patches outline above, but with 6.2 proper.

For the series:
Reviewed-by: Björn Töpel <>
Tested-by: Björn Töpel <>

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