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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/2] ARM: msm8960: Rename cxo_board to cxo-board and add alias

So I'm trying to add a cxo-board node to my dts, however the current
implementation seems like it wants cxo_board. It was recommended a while
ago that I refactor gcc-msm8960.c to be more like
. However, I have a couple of questions:

- The xo struct that I listed above is listed in another struct
which is listed in the SoC desc struct
. My question is that even though gcc-msm8960.c has an msm8960/apq8064
desc struct, it doesn't have anything like gcc_msm8996_hws. How would I
know what goes in a hypothetical gcc_(msm8960/apq8064)_hws struct? I'm
assuming that all I need in the hw struct is the pxo and cxo listed here
however I'm not 100% sure how to verify this. Would anything else go
into a hypothetical gcc_(msm8960/apq8064)_hws struct?

- Is there documentation on how the gcc-<soc> files work? I'm still
quite new to contributing to the Linux kernel and would like to learn
more about the modern way to format these files and to learn more about
how they work in general



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