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Subject[PATCH 3/5] Wire up CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT to initramfs.
The kernel has had CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT for years, but it only applied to
fallback ROOT= not initramfs/initmpfs. As long as the config option exists,
it might as well work.

I use this for board bringup: populating a chdir and calling cpio as a
normal user often leaves /dev empty (because mknod requires root access),
meaning no /dev/console for init/main.c to open, meaning init runs without
stdin/stdout/stderr and has to mount devtmpfs and redirect the filehandles
blind with no error output if something goes wrong.

Signed-off-by: Rob Landley <>
init/main.c | 5 ++++-
1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/init/main.c b/init/main.c
index e1c3911d7c70..eca7ba2c2764 100644
--- a/init/main.c
+++ b/init/main.c
@@ -1636,7 +1636,6 @@ static noinline void __init kernel_init_freeable(void)

- console_on_rootfs();

* check if there is an early userspace init. If yes, let it do all
@@ -1645,7 +1644,11 @@ static noinline void __init kernel_init_freeable(void)
if (init_eaccess(ramdisk_execute_command) != 0) {
ramdisk_execute_command = NULL;
+ init_mkdir("/dev", 0755);
+ devtmpfs_mount();
+ console_on_rootfs();

* Ok, we have completed the initial bootup, and
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