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Subject[PATCH 0/5] Patches used to build mkroot.
The ~300 line bash script in toybox that builds bootable Linux systems
for a dozen-ish targets can use a vanilla kernel, but the binaries I
ship are built from a kernel with these patches:

I've posted each patch to the list already, but here they are together
and updated for 6.2:

1) let LLVM build normally without telling Linux on the command line
This way I can mix CROSS_COMPILE=$ARCH-unknown-linux-cross- without
having to care that some are llvm and some are gcc.

2) don't require an extra dependency to build x86-64 no other target needs.

3) Make CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT work in initramfs. That way having
the kernel build archive up a directory into a cpio.gz as a normal
user doesn't leave me without a /dev/console and thus init running
with stdin/stderr/stdout closed.

4) Replace the only user of bc with c. (Another package dependency
with only one user.)

5) Fix rootfstype=tmpfs in initramfs. (A thinko I made in 2013 which
nobody else has bothered to fix for a decade now.)

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