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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH V3 00/16] x86/hyperv/sev: Add AMD sev-snp enlightened guest support on hyperv
On 2/17/2023 8:47 PM, Gupta, Pankaj wrote:
> On 2/9/2023 12:36 PM, Gupta, Pankaj wrote:
>> Hi Tianyu,
>>> This patchset is to add AMD sev-snp enlightened guest
>>> support on hyperv. Hyperv uses Linux direct boot mode
>>> to boot up Linux kernel and so it needs to pvalidate
>>> system memory by itself.
>>> In hyperv case, there is no boot loader and so cc blob
>>> is prepared by hypervisor. In this series, hypervisor
>>> set the cc blob address directly into boot parameter
>>> of Linux kernel. If the magic number on cc blob address
>>> is valid, kernel will read cc blob.
>>> Shared memory between guests and hypervisor should be
>>> decrypted and zero memory after decrypt memory. The data
>>> in the target address. It maybe smearedto avoid smearing
>>> data.
>>> Introduce #HV exception support in AMD sev snp code and
>>> #HV handler.
>> I am interested to test the Linux guest #HV exception handling
>> (patches 12-16 in this series) for the restricted interrupt injection
>> with the Linux/KVM host.
>> Do you have a git tree which or any base commit on which
>> I can use to apply these patches?
> Never mind. I could apply the patches 12-16 on master (except minor
> tweak in patch 14). Now, will try to test.

Hi Pankaj:
Sorry. I missed your first mail. Please let me know any issue son KVM
side if available。Thanks in advance.

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