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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] dt-bindings: thermal: mediatek: Add LVTS thermal controllers
On 01/02/2023 14:34, Balsam CHIHI wrote:
>>> +
>>> +properties:
>>> + compatible:
>>> + enum:
>>> + - mediatek,mt8195-lvts-ap
>>> + - mediatek,mt8195-lvts-mcu
>> What about other devices? You called the file name as generic for all
>> Mediatek SoCs, so why only one SoC is here? Is there going to be more?
>> If yes, why they cannot be added now?
> Yes, there is another MTK SoC mt8192 that supports LVTS,
> I was asked in v10 of the series to remove the unimplemented SoC.
> It will be added later with the driver that supports it.
> just let me know if you still want to add mt8192 bindings in the next
> version without the driver.

The binding should be complete, if that's possible, so if you had mt8192
already there, it could stay. Anyway it's fine then.

Best regards,

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