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Subject[PATCH v8 0/9] Register Type-C mode-switch in DP bridge endpoints

This series introduces bindings for anx7625/it6505 to register Type-C
mode-switch in their output endpoints, and use data-lanes property to
describe the pin connections.

The first two patch modifies fwnode_graph_devcon_matches and
cros_typec_init_ports to enable the registration of the switches.

Patch 4~6 introduce the bindings for anx7625 and the corresponding driver

Patch 7~9 add similar bindings and driver changes for it6505.


Changes in v8:
- Fixed the build issue when CONFIG_TYPEC=m
- Fixed some style issues
- Fixed the subject prefixes for the bindings patches
- Fixed the bindings for data-lanes properties

Changes in v7:
- Fix the long comment lines
- Extracted the common codes to a helper function
- Fixed style issues in anx7625 driver
- Removed DT property validation in anx7625 driver.
- Fixed style issues in it6505 driver
- Removed the redundant sleep in it6505 driver
- Removed DT property validation in it6505 driver
- Rebased to drm-misc-next
- Fixed indentations in bindings patches
- Added a new patch to fix indentations in Kconfig

Changes in v6:
- Changed it6505_typec_mux_set callback function to accommodate with
the latest drm-misc patches
- Changed the driver implementation to accommodate with the new binding
- Dropped typec-switch binding and use endpoints and data-lanes properties
to describe the pin connections
- Added new patches (patch 1,2,4) to fix probing issues
- Changed the bindings of it6505/anx7625 and modified the drivers
- Merged it6505/anx7625 driver changes into a single patch

Pin-yen Lin (7):
drm/display: Add Type-C switch helpers
dt-bindings: display: bridge: anx7625: Add mode-switch support
drm/bridge: anx7625: Check for Type-C during panel registration
drm/bridge: anx7625: Register Type C mode switches
dt/bindings: display: bridge: it6505: Add mode-switch support
drm/bridge: it6505: Fix Kconfig indentation
drm/bridge: it6505: Register Type C mode switches

Prashant Malani (2):
device property: Add remote endpoint to devcon matcher
platform/chrome: cros_ec_typec: Purge blocking switch devlinks

.../display/bridge/analogix,anx7625.yaml | 99 ++++++++++++-
.../bindings/display/bridge/ite,it6505.yaml | 93 ++++++++++--
drivers/base/property.c | 15 ++
drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/Kconfig | 21 +--
drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/analogix/Kconfig | 1 +
drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/analogix/anx7625.c | 101 +++++++++++++-
drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/analogix/anx7625.h | 13 ++
drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/ite-it6505.c | 119 +++++++++++++++-
drivers/gpu/drm/display/drm_dp_helper.c | 132 ++++++++++++++++++
drivers/platform/chrome/cros_ec_typec.c | 10 ++
include/drm/display/drm_dp_helper.h | 16 +++
11 files changed, 591 insertions(+), 29 deletions(-)


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