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SubjectRe: [PATCH] exfat: redefine DIR_DELETED as the bad cluster number
2022-12-29 20:52 GMT+09:00, Sungjong Seo <>:
> When a file or a directory is deleted, the hint for the cluster of
> its parent directory in its in-memory inode is set as DIR_DELETED.
> Therefore, DIR_DELETED must be one of invalid cluster numbers. According
> to the exFAT specification, a volume can have at most 2^32-11 clusters.
> However, DIR_DELETED is wrongly defined as 0xFFFF0321, which could be
> a valid cluster number. To fix it, let's redefine DIR_DELETED as
> 0xFFFFFFF7, the bad cluster number.
> Fixes: 1acf1a564b60 ("exfat: add in-memory and on-disk structures and
> headers")
> Reported-by: Yuezhang Mo <>
> Signed-off-by: Sungjong Seo <>
Applied, Thanks!

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