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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/5] dt-bindings: mfd: Add ADI MAX77541/MAX77540
On 31/01/2023 13:02, Sahin, Okan wrote:
>>> + regulators:
>>> + $ref: /schemas/regulator/adi,max77541-regulator.yaml#
>> No improvements regarding bisectability - this patch fails. If you tested this patch,
>> you would see it.
>> Instead of ignoring comments, either implement them or ask for clarification.
> Sorry for misunderstanding, I checked patchset as a whole not one by one this is why I did not get failure after "make dt_binding_check " . Right now, I understand why you are saying this patch fails, but what is your suggestion? what is the correct order for this patchset? I sent adi,max77541-regulator.yaml in path 4/5. In the light of discussion, should I remove all the parts related to regulator in patch 2/5, then add adi,max77541-regulator.yaml and update adi,max77541.yaml in patch 4/5? or should I add new patch to update adi,max77541.yaml?

Regulator binding patch should be first in the series (bindings are
before usage), then the MFD binding should come. Your cover letter
should clearly at the top mention the dependency. You can also mention
dependency in MFD patch after ---, because many of us do not really read
cover letters...

Best regards,

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