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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 2/2] tools/memory-model: Make ppo a subrelation of po
On Sun, Jan 29, 2023 at 11:19:32PM +0100, Jonas Oberhauser wrote:
> Hi all, apologies on the confusion about the litmus test.
> I should have explained it better but it seems you mostly figured it out.
> As Alan said I'm tricking a little bit by not unlocking in certain places to
> filter out all executions that aren't what I'm looking for.
> I didn't have much time when I sent it (hence also the lack of explanation
> and why I haven't responded earlier), so I didn't have time to play around
> with the filter feature to do this the "proper"/non-cute way.
> As such it really isn't about deadlocks.

Not a problem!

> I think one question is whether the distinction between the models could be
> reproduced without using any kind of filtering at all.
> I have a feeling it should be possible but I haven't had time to think up a
> litmus test that does that.

Here is an example litmus test using filter, if this helps.

You put it right before the "exists" clause, and the condition is the
same as in the "exists" clause. If an execution does not satisfy the
condition in the filter clause, it is tossed.

Thanx, Paul


C C-srcu-nest-6

* Result: Never
* This would be valid for srcu_down_read() and srcu_up_read().


P0(int *x, int *y, struct srcu_struct *s1, int *idx, int *f)
int r2;
int r3;

r3 = srcu_down_read(s1);
WRITE_ONCE(*idx, r3);
r2 = READ_ONCE(*y);
smp_store_release(f, 1);

P1(int *x, int *y, struct srcu_struct *s1, int *idx, int *f)
int r1;
int r3;
int r4;

r4 = smp_load_acquire(f);
r1 = READ_ONCE(*x);
r3 = READ_ONCE(*idx);
srcu_up_read(s1, r3);

P2(int *x, int *y, struct srcu_struct *s1)
WRITE_ONCE(*y, 1);
WRITE_ONCE(*x, 1);

locations [0:r1]
filter (1:r4=1)
exists (1:r1=1 /\ 0:r2=0)

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