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SubjectRe: [PATCH] block, bfq: fix uaf for bfqq in bic_set_bfqq()

在 2023/01/30 5:51, Jens Axboe 写道:
> On 1/28/23 6:38 PM, Yu Kuai wrote:
>> Hi, Jens
>> 在 2023/01/13 17:44, Yu Kuai 写道:
>>> After commit 64dc8c732f5c ("block, bfq: fix possible uaf for 'bfqq->bic'"),
>>> bic->bfqq will be accessed in bic_set_bfqq(), however, in some context
>>> bic->bfqq will be freed first, and bic_set_bfqq() is called with the freed
>>> bic->bfqq.
>>> Fix the problem by always freeing bfqq after bic_set_bfqq().
>> Sorry that I send this patch will wrong email, and you might missed this
>> patch.
>> Can you apply this patch? This patch can't be applied directly to lower
>> version due to Paolo's patchset, I'll send lts patch seperately.
> I'm confused... So this patch only applies to the 6.3 branch, yet we
> need it in 6.2 as far as I can tell. Why isn't it against block-6.2
> then?

Ok, I'll send a new patch against block-6.2.


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