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SubjectRe: [PATCH-next v2 2/2] scsi: fix iscsi rescan fails to create block device
On Sat, 2023-01-28 at 17:41 +0800, Zhong Jinghua wrote:
> This error will cause a warning:
> kobject_add_internal failed for block (error: -2 parent: 1:0:0:1).
> In the lower version (such as 5.10), there is no corresponding error
> handling, continuing
> to go down will trigger a kernel panic, so cc stable.

Is this is important point and what you're saying is that this only
panics on kernels before 5.10 or so because after that it's correctly
failed by block device error handling so there's nothing to fix in
later kernels?

In that case, isn't the correct fix to look at backporting the block
device error handling:

commit 83cbce9574462c6b4eed6797bdaf18fae6859ab3
Author: Luis Chamberlain <>
Date: Wed Aug 18 16:45:40 2021 +0200

block: add error handling for device_add_disk / add_disk



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