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SubjectRe: INFO: [BISECTED] Regression: A Problem with /sys/kernel/debug/kmemleak output: backtrace not printed since 6.2.0-rc1
[TLDR: I'm adding this report to the list of tracked Linux kernel
regressions; the text you find below is based on a few templates
paragraphs you might have encountered already in similar form.
See link in footer if these mails annoy you.]

On 12.01.23 20:50, Mirsad Todorovac wrote:
> Hi all,
> there seems to be a problem with the output of /sys/kernel/debug/kmemleak:
> [root@pc-mtodorov ~]# cat /sys/kernel/debug/kmemleak
> unreferenced object 0xffff951c118568b0 (size 16):
>   comm "kworker/u12:2", pid 56, jiffies 4294893952 (age 4356.548s)
>   hex dump (first 16 bytes):
>     6d 65 6d 73 74 69 63 6b 30 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 memstick0.......
>   backtrace:
> [root@pc-mtodorov ~]#
> Apparently, backtrace of called functions on the stack is no longer
> printed with the list of memory leaks.
> [...]

This is already close to being fixed, but I want to have it in this week
report, hence I'm adding it (better late than never):

#regzbot ^introduced 56a61617dd22
#regzbot title mm: stack_depot: Failure during Stack Depot allocating
hash table
#regzbot monitor:
#regzbot fix: mm: use stack_depot_early_init for kmemleak
#regzbot ignore-activity

Ciao, Thorsten (wearing his 'the Linux kernel's regression tracker' hat)
Everything you wanna know about Linux kernel regression tracking:
That page also explains what to do if mails like this annoy you.

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