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SubjectRe: [net PATCH] skb: Do mix page pool and page referenced frags in GRO
On Sat, 28 Jan 2023 10:37:47 +0800 Yunsheng Lin wrote:
> If we are not allowing gro for the above case, setting NAPI_GRO_CB(p)->flush
> to 1 in gro_list_prepare() seems to be making more sense so that the above
> case has the same handling as skb_has_frag_list() handling?
> As it seems to avoid some unnecessary operation according to comment
> in tcp4_gro_receive():

The frag_list case can be determined with just the input skb.
For pp_recycle we need to compare input skb's pp_recycle with
the pp_recycle of the skb already held by GRO.

I'll hold off with applying a bit longer tho, in case Eric
wants to chime in with an ack or opinion.

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