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SubjectRe: [PATCH 07/15] dt-bindings: clock: Add Ambarella clock bindings
On 28/01/2023 10:42, Li Chen wrote:
> Got it, I will model it as:
> rct_syscon(compatible include "ambarella, <SoC>-clock"...)
> | peripheral A
> | peripheral B
> | ...
> One more question, two driver models:
> a. compatible = "ambarella, <SoC>-clock", handle all clocks(pll, div, mux, composite) in single driver.
> b. compatible = "ambarella, <SoC>-pll-clock", "ambarella, <SoC>-composite-clock", "ambarella, <SoC>-div-clock"......
> and implement a driver for each of them.
> Which driver model is preferred?

We do not talk here at all about drivers. This is independent and not
really related.

Anyway, independent features mostly have separate drivers. Each separate
driver should be located in respective subsystem. But again - we do not
talk here about drivers at all, so please do not bring them into the
problem. It will make everything more complicated...

Best regards,

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