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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 00/13] riscv: improve boot time isa extensions handling

This series was applied to riscv/linux.git (for-next)
by Palmer Dabbelt <>:

On Sun, 15 Jan 2023 23:49:40 +0800 you wrote:
> Generally, riscv ISA extensions are fixed for any specific hardware
> platform, so a hart's features won't change after booting, this
> chacteristic makes it straightforward to use a static branch to check
> a specific ISA extension is supported or not to optimize performance.
> However, some ISA extensions such as SVPBMT and ZICBOM are handled
> via. the alternative sequences.
> [...]

Here is the summary with links:
- [v4,01/13] riscv: fix jal offsets in patched alternatives
- [v4,02/13] riscv: move riscv_noncoherent_supported() out of ZICBOM probe
(no matching commit)
- [v4,03/13] riscv: cpufeature: detect RISCV_ALTERNATIVES_EARLY_BOOT earlier
(no matching commit)
- [v4,04/13] riscv: hwcap: make ISA extension ids can be used in asm
(no matching commit)
- [v4,05/13] riscv: cpufeature: extend riscv_cpufeature_patch_func to all ISA extensions
(no matching commit)
- [v4,06/13] riscv: introduce riscv_has_extension_[un]likely()
(no matching commit)
- [v4,07/13] riscv: fpu: switch has_fpu() to riscv_has_extension_likely()
(no matching commit)
- [v4,08/13] riscv: module: move find_section to module.h
(no matching commit)
- [v4,09/13] riscv: switch to relative alternative entries
(no matching commit)
- [v4,10/13] riscv: alternative: patch alternatives in the vDSO
(no matching commit)
- [v4,11/13] riscv: cpu_relax: switch to riscv_has_extension_likely()
(no matching commit)
- [v4,12/13] riscv: KVM: Switch has_svinval() to riscv_has_extension_unlikely()
(no matching commit)
- [v4,13/13] riscv: remove riscv_isa_ext_keys[] array and related usage
(no matching commit)

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