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SubjectRe: .clang-format vs. checkpatch: Lines should not end with a '('
On 19/01/2023 18:57, David Laight wrote:
> From: Gal Pressman
>> Sent: 19 January 2023 14:17
>> I use clang-format to automatically format my patches, but checkpatch
>> likes to complain about:
>> CHECK: Lines should not end with a '('
>> I thought maybe adding a 'AllowAllArgumentsOnNextLine: false' would make
>> it happy but that didn't really seem to work.
>> Anyone else a bit annoyed by this? Maybe there's another solution I'm
>> failing to see?
> Reduce the length of very long names and refactor the code to
> remove the massive number of indents and you won't have a problem :-)

That's one way to do it :), thanks for the response!

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