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SubjectRe: Linux 6.2-rc5
On Sun, Jan 22, 2023 at 5:49 AM Linux kernel regression tracking
(Thorsten Leemhuis) <> wrote:
> Huh, a -rc on Saturday evening? That's unusual.

Heh. It's my wedding anniversary today.. Not that I won't sit in front
of the computer anyway, but I didn't want to have anything actually

> But nevertheless there is one thing I want to bring up, even if -rc5 is
> already out: Vlastimil asked me explicitly to highlight ```Revert
> "mm/compaction: fix set skip in fast_find_migrateblock"```[1] in my
> weekly report[2], as me would prefer if that patch could head to
> mainline and especially stable rather sooner than later.

Ok, I assume I'll get it from Andrew one of these days. Thanks for the heads-up.

I'm going to do an rc8 regardless, so we're not quite at the end of
the release yet.


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