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I am Frank Hughes. Former commander during the American War in Iraq. I
am currently in Syria for more missions because the US has completed
the mission in Iraq, but I will soon be assigned to the Joint
Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC).

In 6 years here in Iraq, I was able to earn a total of 25 Million
Dollars. This money came from the oil trade. Second, I have to present
someone as a foreign partner because I am a uniformed person. I am an
American and intelligence officer and have 100% sure way to ship
money through diplomatic shipping companies. I need your acceptance
and everything is ready.

The only way to be safe with that money is to invest it in your
country. I'll be there for a while. So i need someone to deal with. If
you accept, I will move the money to you as my foreign partner. 30% of
the total funds will be given for your help and 70% will be for me,
from there I will invest the rest. Before leaving Iraq, I package all
the money inside a trunk box and sent it away through assistance of a
United Nation RED CROSS service to security company London. with an
agreement that I will provide with details of my partner and recipient
of the shipment.

When we agree to work together, I will you to the company in London to
complete the shipment formalities and introduce you as the partner and
recipient of the shipment. Where we are now, we can only communicate
through our military communications facilities, which are secured.
Please send me your personal cell phone number so that I can call you
for further inquiries when I'm from our military network. I will give
you more details when I get your reply

Commander Frank Hughes.

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