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Subject[PATCH v9 0/5] PCI: add 4x lane support for pci-j721e controllers
Adding of additional support to Cadence PCIe controller (i.e. pci-j721e.c)
for up to 4x lanes, and reworking of driver to define maximum lanes per
board configuration.

Changes from v1:
* Reworked 'PCI: j721e: Add PCIe 4x lane selection support' to not cause
regressions on 1-2x lane platforms

Changes from v2:
* Correct dev_warn format string from %d to %u since lane count is a
unsigned integer
* Update CC list

Changes from v3:
* Use the max_lanes setting per chip for the mask size required since
bootloader could have set num_lanes to a higher value that the
device tree which would leave in an undefined state
* Reorder patches do the previous change to not break bisect
* Remove line breaking for dev_warn to allow better grepping and since
no strict 80 columns anymore

Changes from v4:
* Correct invalid settings for j7200 PCIe RC + EP
* Add j784s4 configuration for selection of 4x lanes

Changes from v5:
* Dropped 'PCI: j721e: Add warnings on num-lanes misconfiguration' patch
from series
* Reworded 'PCI: j721e: Add per platform maximum lane settings' commit
* Added yaml documentation and schema checks for ti,j721e-pci-* lane

Changes from v6:
* Fix wordwrapping in commit messages from ~65 columns to correct 75
* Re-ran to add missing maintainers in CC

Changes from v7:
* Addressed review comments in ti,j721e-pci-ep.yaml and
ti,j721e-pci-host.yaml from v6
* Added warn message if num-lanes property value is invalid.
* Addressed build issue reported in

Changes from v8:
* Use "const: 1" in ti,j721e-pci-ep.yaml and ti,j721e-pci-host.yaml
when num-lanes min and max values are equal.

Matt Ranostay (5):
dt-bindings: PCI: ti,j721e-pci-*: add checks for num-lanes
PCI: j721e: Add per platform maximum lane settings
PCI: j721e: Add PCIe 4x lane selection support
dt-bindings: PCI: ti,j721e-pci-*: add j784s4-pci-* compatible strings
PCI: j721e: add j784s4 PCIe configuration

.../bindings/pci/ti,j721e-pci-ep.yaml | 39 ++++++++++++++--
.../bindings/pci/ti,j721e-pci-host.yaml | 39 ++++++++++++++--
drivers/pci/controller/cadence/pci-j721e.c | 45 ++++++++++++++++---
3 files changed, 112 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)


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