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I am a relative of a politically exposed person (PEP) that is in
financial regulation. Due to my present health condition, I'd decided
to write through this email for the security reason.

Therefore, kindly treat this as top secret for the security reason.
I'd after fasting and prayer choose to write not you particularly but
I believing in probability of you being a confidant chosen by chance;
luck to help and share in this noble cause.

I need your assistant to conduct secret transfers of family's funds
worth €90.5 millions Euros. It was deposited in bank clandestinely.

I am in grave condition and I expect my death any moment now and I
want to donate the fund to less privilege and you will be rewarded
with reasonable percentage of the fund if you can assist.

Please contact me back for more details,

Yours truly,
Bello Abubakar

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