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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 0/7] MPFS system controller/mailbox fixes
On Wed, Jan 11, 2023 at 7:45 AM Conor Dooley <> wrote:
> In order to differentiate between the service succeeding & the system
> controller being inoperative or otherwise unable to function, I had to
> switch the controller to poll a busy bit in the system controller's
> registers to see if it has completed a service.
> This makes sense anyway, as the interrupt corresponds to "data ready"
> rather than "tx done", so I have changed the mailbox controller driver
> to do that & left the interrupt solely for signalling data ready.
> It just so happened that all of the services that I had worked with and
> tested up to this point were "infallible" & did not set a status, so the
> particular code paths were never tested.
> Jassi, the mailbox and soc patches depend on each other, as the change
> in what the interrupt is used for requires changing the client driver's
> behaviour too, as mbox_send_message() will now return when the system
> controller is no longer busy rather than when the data is ready.
> I'm happy to send the lot via the soc tree with your Ack and/or reivew,
> if that also works you?
Ok, let me review them and get back to you.

> Secondly, I have a question about what to do if a service does fail, but
> not due to a timeout - eg the above example where the "new" image for
> the FPGA is actually older than the one that currently exists.
> Ideally, if a service fails due to something other than the transaction
> timing out, I would go and read the status registers to see what the
> cause of failure was.
> I could not find a function in the mailbox framework that allows the
> client to request that sort of information from the client. Trying to
> do something with the auxiliary bus, or exporting some function to a
> device specific header seemed like a circumvention of the mailbox
> framework.
> Do you think it would be a good idea to implement something like
> mbox_client_peek_status(struct mbox_chan *chan, void *data) to allow
> clients to request this type of information?
.last_tx_done() is supposed to make sure everything is ok.
If the expected status bit is "sometimes not set", that means that bit
is not the complete status. You have to check multiple registers to
detect if and what caused the failure.


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