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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 02/25] kvx: Add ELF-related definitions

On 03/01/2023 22:35, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> Yann Sionneau <> writes:
>> Add ELF-related definitions for kvx, including: EM_KVX,
> Has someone written an SYSVABI architecture specification for
> your architecture?

Internally at Kalray we have an ABI document, I started a discussion
about its publication.

It will not be part of the V2, but I'm working on it.

> I feel uncomfortable with the linux-kernel headers being the
> authoritative place for the ELF abi definitions.
> Especially since the linux kernel does not deal with relocations,
> and the kernel headers could diverge from the real world and no one
> would notice..
> I know at least at one point the linux standards base was taking
> up the work on collecting up some of these definitions. I would
> be happy if there was anything outside of the linux kernel that
> people could refer too.

I completely agree with you!

Thanks for the review.



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