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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] sched/fair: unlink misfit task from cpu overutilized
On 14/01/2023 22:18, Qais Yousef wrote:
> On 01/13/23 15:28, Vincent Guittot wrote:
>> Hi Kajetan,
>> On Fri, 13 Jan 2023 at 14:50, Kajetan Puchalski
>> <> wrote:


>>> sched/uclamp: Fix a uninitialized variable warnings
>>> (baseline_ufc) sched/fair: Check if prev_cpu has highest spare cap in feec()
>>> sched/uclamp: Cater for uclamp in find_energy_efficient_cpu()'s early exit condition
>>> sched/uclamp: Make cpu_overutilized() use util_fits_cpu()
>>> sched/uclamp: Make asym_fits_capacity() use util_fits_cpu()
>>> sched/uclamp: Make select_idle_capacity() use util_fits_cpu()
>>> sched/uclamp: Fix fits_capacity() check in feec()
>>> sched/uclamp: Make task_fits_capacity() use util_fits_cpu()
>>> sched/uclamp: Fix relationship between uclamp and migration margin
>>> (previous 'baseline' was here)
>>> I omitted the 3 patches relating directly to capacity_inversion but in
> This could lead to confusion. Was there a specific reason for this omission?
> Did you hit some problem?

I thought Vincent's 'split MF from CPU OU' should replace 'CapInv'?

... I have reverted patches:
Revert "sched/fair: Detect capacity inversion"
Revert "sched/fair: Consider capacity inversion in util_fits_cpu()"
Revert "sched/uclamp: Make cpu_overutilized() use util_fits_cpu()" ...

You also mentioned this in<20230115001906.v7uq4ddodrbvye7d@airbuntu


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