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SubjectRe: [RESEND v3 02/13] arm64: dts: mediatek: mt8195: add MDP3 nodes
On 16/01/2023 10:14, Moudy Ho (何宗原) wrote:
>>> + mdp3-fg0@14002000 {
>> Node names should be generic.
>> "0" suffix is definitely nothing generic. Drop such suffixes
>> everywhere.
>> Drop also "mdp3" prefix everywhere.
>> Best regards,
>> Krzysztof
> Hi Krzysztof,
> May I uniformly name all MediaTek's media data path ver.3(MDP3) nodes
> as "mdp3@xxx"?

No, because it does not describe generic class of a device. Some nodes
are probably quite specific, thus we do not have generic names for them,
but then any prefixes are also not neeeded. If node is image-scaler, it
is just image-scaler, not "mdp3-image-scaler". If node is video-codec it
is not mdp3-video-codec. etc.

Best regards,

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