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Subjectlinux-next: Tree for Jan 16
Hi all,

Changes since 20230113:

The drm-misc-fixes tree lost its build failure.

The btrfs tree lost its build failure.

The printk tree gained a build failure so I used the version from
next-20230113 for today.

The pci tree gained a build failure so I used the version from
next-20230113 for today.

The thermal tree gained a build failure so I used the version from
next-20230113 for today.

The crypto tree gained a build failure so I used the version from
next-20230113 for today.

The amdgpu tree gained a conflict against the drm-misc tree.

The fbdev tree gained a conflict against the drm-misc tree.

The tip tree gained a conflict against the arm-soc tree.

The scsi-mkp tree gained a build failure so I used the version from
next-20230113 for today.

Non-merge commits (relative to Linus' tree): 4416
5413 files changed, 151903 insertions(+), 235427 deletions(-)


I have created today's linux-next tree at
(patches at ). If you
are tracking the linux-next tree using git, you should not use "git pull"
to do so as that will try to merge the new linux-next release with the
old one. You should use "git fetch" and checkout or reset to the new

You can see which trees have been included by looking in the Next/Trees
file in the source. There are also quilt-import.log and merge.log
files in the Next directory. Between each merge, the tree was built
with a ppc64_defconfig for powerpc, an allmodconfig for x86_64, a
multi_v7_defconfig for arm and a native build of tools/perf. After
the final fixups (if any), I do an x86_64 modules_install followed by
builds for x86_64 allnoconfig, powerpc allnoconfig (32 and 64 bit),
ppc44x_defconfig, allyesconfig and pseries_le_defconfig and i386,
arm64, sparc and sparc64 defconfig and htmldocs. And finally, a simple
boot test of the powerpc pseries_le_defconfig kernel in qemu (with and
without kvm enabled).

Below is a summary of the state of the merge.

I am currently merging 354 trees (counting Linus' and 99 trees of bug
fix patches pending for the current merge release).

Stats about the size of the tree over time can be seen at .

Status of my local build tests will be at . If maintainers want to give
advice about cross compilers/configs that work, we are always open to add
more builds.

Thanks to Randy Dunlap for doing many randconfig builds. And to Paul
Gortmaker for triage and bug fixes.

Stephen Rothwell

$ git checkout master
$ git reset --hard stable
Merging origin/master (5dc4c995db9e Linux 6.2-rc4)
Merging fixes/fixes (9c9155a3509a Merge tag 'drm-next-2022-10-14' of git://
Merging mm-hotfixes/mm-hotfixes-unstable (6ffcf6252f32 Revert "mm/compaction: fix set skip in fast_find_migrateblock")
Merging kbuild-current/fixes (aedee9e8d922 kconfig: Update all declared targets)
Merging arc-current/for-curr (30a0b95b1335 Linux 6.1-rc3)
Merging arm-current/fixes (3cb0f23039e0 ARM: 9284/1: include <asm/pgtable.h> from proc-macros.S to fix -Wundef warnings)
Merging arm64-fixes/for-next/fixes (68a63a412d18 arm64: Fix build with CC=clang, CONFIG_FTRACE=y and CONFIG_STACK_TRACER=y)
Merging arm-soc-fixes/arm/fixes (45c734817847 Merge tag 'arm-soc/for-6.2/drivers-fixes' of into arm/fixes)
Merging davinci-current/davinci/for-current (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging drivers-memory-fixes/fixes (cb8fd6f75775 memory: mvebu-devbus: Fix missing clk_disable_unprepare in mvebu_devbus_probe())
Merging tee-fixes/fixes (98268f2a2a9f Merge branch 'optee_ffa_probe_fix_for_v5.18' into fixes)
Merging m68k-current/for-linus (553b20b211c4 m68k: defconfig: Update defconfigs for v6.1-rc1)
Merging powerpc-fixes/fixes (f12cd06109f4 powerpc/64s/hash: Make stress_hpt_timer_fn() static)
Merging s390-fixes/fixes (1ecf7bd9c267 s390: update defconfigs)
Merging sparc/master (2d2b17d08bfc sparc: Unbreak the build)
Merging fscrypt-current/for-stable (ccd30a476f8e fscrypt: fix keyring memory leak on mount failure)
Merging net/master (a22b7388d658 sch_htb: Avoid grafting on htb_destroy_class_offload when destroying htb)
Merging bpf/master (e4f4db47794c bpf: Fix pointer-leak due to insufficient speculative store bypass mitigation)
Merging ipsec/master (b0355dbbf13c Fix XFRM-I support for nested ESP tunnels)
Merging netfilter/master (7fb0269720d7 Merge tag 'for-net-2022-05-23' of git://
Merging ipvs/master (696e1a48b1a1 netfilter: nft_payload: incorrect arithmetics when fetching VLAN header bits)
Merging wireless/for-next (f216033d770f wifi: mac80211: fix MLO + AP_VLAN check)
Merging rdma-fixes/for-rc (b3deec25847b IB/hfi1: Remove user expected buffer invalidate race)
Merging sound-current/for-linus (56b88b50565c ALSA: pcm: Move rwsem lock inside snd_ctl_elem_read to prevent UAF)
Merging sound-asoc-fixes/for-linus (f89d783d68dc ASoC: Intel: avs: Implement PCI shutdown)
Merging regmap-fixes/for-linus (f309b44844bd Merge remote-tracking branch 'regmap/for-6.1' into regmap-linus)
Merging regulator-fixes/for-linus (f528fe213a6a regulator: qcom-rpmh: PM8550 ldo11 regulator is an nldo)
Merging spi-fixes/for-linus (50028988403a spi: spidev: remove debug messages that access spidev->spi without locking)
Merging pci-current/for-linus (fd3a8cff4d4a x86/pci: Treat EfiMemoryMappedIO as reservation of ECAM space)
Merging driver-core.current/driver-core-linus (b7bfaa761d76 Linux 6.2-rc3)
Merging tty.current/tty-linus (b7bfaa761d76 Linux 6.2-rc3)
Merging usb.current/usb-linus (b7bfaa761d76 Linux 6.2-rc3)
Merging usb-serial-fixes/usb-linus (8a43bf34c862 USB: serial: cp210x: add SCALANCE LPE-9000 device id)
Merging phy/fixes (b574baa64cf8 phy: freescale: imx8m-pcie: Add one missing error return)
Merging staging.current/staging-linus (b7bfaa761d76 Linux 6.2-rc3)
Merging iio-fixes/fixes-togreg (eb50cd5bfdac iio: hid: fix the retval in gyro_3d_capture_sample)
Merging counter-current/counter-current (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging char-misc.current/char-misc-linus (b7bfaa761d76 Linux 6.2-rc3)
Merging soundwire-fixes/fixes (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging thunderbolt-fixes/fixes (84ee211c8321 thunderbolt: Disable XDomain lane 1 only in software connection manager)
Merging input-current/for-linus (3c44e2b6cde6 Revert "Input: synaptics - switch touchpad on HP Laptop 15-da3001TU to RMI mode")
Merging crypto-current/master (736f88689c69 crypto: arm64/sm4 - fix possible crash with CFI enabled)
Merging vfio-fixes/for-linus (895c0747f726 vfio/type1: Respect IOMMU reserved regions in vfio_test_domain_fgsp())
Merging kselftest-fixes/fixes (9fdaca2c1e15 kselftest: Fix error message for unconfigured LLVM builds)
Merging modules-fixes/modules-linus (da35048f2600 kallsyms: Fix scheduling with interrupts disabled in self-test)
Merging dmaengine-fixes/fixes (f96a483f8e13 MAINTAINERS: update Jie Hai's email address)
Merging backlight-fixes/for-backlight-fixes (88603b6dc419 Linux 6.2-rc2)
Merging mtd-fixes/mtd/fixes (c0f7ae27539f MAINTAINERS: Update email of Tudor Ambarus)
Merging mfd-fixes/for-mfd-fixes (88603b6dc419 Linux 6.2-rc2)
Merging v4l-dvb-fixes/fixes (542d3c03fd89 media: sun6i-isp: params: Unregister pending buffer on cleanup)
Merging reset-fixes/reset/fixes (3a2390c6777e reset: uniphier-glue: Fix possible null-ptr-deref)
Merging mips-fixes/mips-fixes (88603b6dc419 Linux 6.2-rc2)
Merging at91-fixes/at91-fixes (9bfa2544dbd1 ARM: dts: at91: sam9x60: fix the ddr clock for sam9x60)
Merging omap-fixes/fixes (2a906db2824b Merge branch 'am5748-fix' into fixes)
Merging kvm-fixes/master (310bc39546a4 KVM: x86/xen: Avoid deadlock by adding kvm->arch.xen.xen_lock leaf node lock)
Merging kvms390-fixes/master (0dd4cdccdab3 KVM: s390: vsie: Fix the initialization of the epoch extension (epdx) field)
Merging hwmon-fixes/hwmon (2fbb848b65cd hwmon: (nct6775) Fix incorrect parenthesization in nct6775_write_fan_div())
Merging nvdimm-fixes/libnvdimm-fixes (472faf72b33d device-dax: Fix duplicate 'hmem' device registration)
Merging cxl-fixes/fixes (2ec1b17f745b cxl: fix cxl_report_and_clear() RAS UE addr mis-assignment)
Merging btrfs-fixes/next-fixes (41a230615a6b Merge branch 'misc-6.2' into next-fixes)
Merging vfs-fixes/fixes (9c7417b5ec44 coredump: Move dump_emit_page() to kill unused warning)
Merging dma-mapping-fixes/for-linus (3be4562584bb dma-direct: use the correct size for dma_set_encrypted())
Merging drivers-x86-fixes/fixes (fde5f74ccfc7 platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: Fix profile mode display in AMT mode)
Merging samsung-krzk-fixes/fixes (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging pinctrl-samsung-fixes/fixes (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging devicetree-fixes/dt/linus (064e32dc5b03 of: fdt: Honor CONFIG_CMDLINE* even without /chosen node, take 2)
Merging dt-krzk-fixes/fixes (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging scsi-fixes/fixes (84ed64b1a7a7 scsi: target: core: Fix warning on RT kernels)
Merging drm-fixes/drm-fixes (e695bc7e5423 Merge tag 'drm-msm-fixes-2023-01-12' of into drm-fixes)
Merging drm-intel-fixes/for-linux-next-fixes (58fc14e14d28 drm/i915/gt: Cover rest of SVG unit MCR registers)
Merging mmc-fixes/fixes (8509419758f2 mmc: sunxi-mmc: Fix clock refcount imbalance during unbind)
Merging rtc-fixes/rtc-fixes (51b3802e7960 dt-bindings: rtc: qcom-pm8xxx: allow 'wakeup-source' property)
Merging gnss-fixes/gnss-linus (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging hyperv-fixes/hyperv-fixes (25c94b051592 Drivers: hv: vmbus: fix possible memory leak in vmbus_device_register())
Merging soc-fsl-fixes/fix (4b0986a3613c Linux 5.18)
Merging risc-v-fixes/fixes (b9b916aee671 riscv: uaccess: fix type of 0 variable on error in get_user())
Merging riscv-dt-fixes/riscv-dt-fixes (43d5f5d63699 riscv: dts: sifive: fu740: fix size of pcie 32bit memory)
Merging riscv-soc-fixes/riscv-soc-fixes (730892135b7d soc: microchip: mpfs: handle failed system service requests)
Merging fpga-fixes/fixes (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging spdx/spdx-linus (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging gpio-brgl-fixes/gpio/for-current (694175cd8a16 gpio: sifive: Fix refcount leak in sifive_gpio_probe)
Merging gpio-intel-fixes/fixes (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging pinctrl-intel-fixes/fixes (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging erofs-fixes/fixes (35626ac92db0 erofs: clean up parsing of fscache related options)
Merging kunit-fixes/kunit-fixes (88603b6dc419 Linux 6.2-rc2)
Merging ubifs-fixes/fixes (7bdd6967fec5 ubi: ensure that VID header offset + VID header size <= alloc, size)
Merging memblock-fixes/fixes (115d9d77bb0f mm: Always release pages to the buddy allocator in memblock_free_late().)
Merging cel-fixes/for-rc (7c24fa225081 NFSD: replace delayed_work with work_struct for nfsd_client_shrinker)
Merging irqchip-fixes/irq/irqchip-fixes (6c9f7434159b irqchip: IMX_MU_MSI should depend on ARCH_MXC)
Merging renesas-fixes/fixes (ab2866f12ca1 arm64: dts: renesas: r8a779g0: Fix HSCIF0 interrupt number)
Merging broadcom-fixes/fixes (9abf2313adc1 Linux 6.1-rc1)
Merging perf-current/perf/urgent (c757fc92a3f7 Merge tag 'spi-fix-v6.2-rc3' of git://
Merging efi-fixes/urgent (8118d6171a5f arm64: efi: Account for the EFI runtime stack in stack unwinder)
Merging zstd-fixes/zstd-linus (8cbf4bb547b7 lib: zstd: Fix -Wstringop-overflow warning)
Merging battery-fixes/fixes (d137900f237a power: supply: axp288_fuel_gauge: Added check for negative values)
Merging uml-fixes/fixes (bd71558d585a arch: um: Mark the stack non-executable to fix a binutils warning)
Merging asahi-soc-fixes/asahi-soc/fixes (568035b01cfb Linux 6.0-rc1)
Merging iommufd-fixes/for-rc (88603b6dc419 Linux 6.2-rc2)
Merging rust-fixes/rust-fixes (b7bfaa761d76 Linux 6.2-rc3)
Merging drm-misc-fixes/for-linux-next-fixes (83a7f8e4899f drm/vc4: bo: Fix unused variable warning)
Merging kbuild/for-next (83344be3eb46 kbuild: rust: move rust/target.json to scripts/)
Merging clang-format/clang-format (781121a7f6d1 clang-format: Fix space after for_each macros)
Merging perf/perf/core (69b41ac87e4a Merge tag 'for-6.2-rc2-tag' of git://
Merging compiler-attributes/compiler-attributes (6cf1ab89c9e7 Compiler Attributes: Introduce __access_*() function attribute)
Merging dma-mapping/for-next (3622b86f49f8 dma-mapping: reject GFP_COMP for noncoherent allocations)
Merging asm-generic/master (32975c491ee4 uapi: Add missing _UAPI prefix to <asm-generic/types.h> include guard)
Merging arc/for-next (f2906aa86338 Linux 5.19-rc1)
Merging arm/for-next (28ee13271c06 Merge branches 'misc' and 'fixes' into for-next)
Merging arm64/for-next/core (aaf846bef4e0 Merge branches 'for-next/sysreg', 'for-next/sme', 'for-next/kselftest' and 'for-next/misc' into for-next/core)
Merging arm-perf/for-next/perf (4361251cef46 arm_pmu: Drop redundant armpmu->map_event() in armpmu_event_init())
Merging arm-soc/for-next (94ac29dc59d0 Merge branch 'arm/boardfile-remove-wip' of into for-next)
Merging amlogic/for-next (340433d89d1e Merge branch 'v6.3/arm64-dt' into for-next)
Merging asahi-soc/asahi-soc/for-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging aspeed/for-next (45c86167adde soc: nuvoton: Add SoC info driver for WPCM450)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in arch/arm/boot/dts/nuvoton-wpcm450-supermicro-x9sci-ln4f.dts
Merging at91/at91-next (dac8e2394ccc Merge branch 'at91-fixes' into at91-next)
Merging broadcom/next (64610429f8de Merge branch 'drivers/next' into next)
Merging davinci/davinci/for-next (eaafab7e8e26 MAINTAINERS: make me the maintainer of DaVinci platforms)
Merging drivers-memory/for-next (13f35b3c72f4 Merge branch 'for-v6.3/renesas-rpc-if' into for-next)
Merging imx-mxs/for-next (beb902cee34c Merge branch 'imx/defconfig' into for-next)
Merging mediatek/for-next (c7a343cf1811 Merge branch 'v6.2-next/soc' into for-next)
Merging mvebu/for-next (80502ffab2fa arm64: dts: marvell: AC5/AC5X: Fix address for UART1)
Merging omap/for-next (6435241fd536 Merge branch 'musb-for-v6.2' into for-next)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in arch/arm/mach-omap1/Kconfig
Merging qcom/for-next (4166ff125e67 Merge branches 'arm64-defconfig-for-6.3', 'arm64-fixes-for-6.2', 'arm64-for-6.3', 'clk-for-6.3', 'drivers-fixes-for-6.2', 'drivers-for-6.3', 'dts-fixes-for-6.2' and 'dts-for-6.3' into for-next)
Merging renesas/next (1f57de01e0be Merge branch 'renesas-dts-for-v6.3' into renesas-next)
Merging reset/reset/next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging rockchip/for-next (a488884a40ae Merge branch 'v6.3-armsoc/dts64' into for-next)
Merging samsung-krzk/for-next (65ffd17e529d Merge branch 'next/drivers' into for-next)
Merging scmi/for-linux-next (67cc475d3c42 Merge branch 'for-next/scmi' of git:// into for-linux-next)
Merging stm32/stm32-next (3f5ea53d7977 ARM: dts: stm32: add dfsdm node on stm32mp131)
Merging sunxi/sunxi/for-next (7879da4e62f1 Merge branch 'sunxi/drivers-for-6.3' into sunxi/for-next)
Merging tee/next (4a56b125ba20 Merge branch 'fixes' into next)
Merging tegra/for-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging ti/ti-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging xilinx/for-next (a7669037d438 Merge remote-tracking branch 'git/zynqmp/soc' into for-next)
Merging clk/clk-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging clk-imx/for-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging clk-renesas/renesas-clk (fbfd614aeaa2 clk: renesas: cpg-mssr: Fix use after free if cpg_mssr_common_init() failed)
Merging clk-samsung/for-next (b35f27fe73d8 clk: samsung: exynosautov9: add cmu_peric1 clock support)
Merging csky/linux-next (4a3ec00957fd csky: delay: Add function alignment)
Merging loongarch/loongarch-next (5535f4f70cfc LoongArch: Update Loongson-3 default config file)
Merging m68k/for-next (553b20b211c4 m68k: defconfig: Update defconfigs for v6.1-rc1)
Merging m68knommu/for-next (8fbf1bb2410e m68k: nommu: Fix misspellings of "DragonEngine")
Merging microblaze/next (5cfe469c2654 microblaze/PCI: Moving PCI iounmap and dependent code)
Merging mips/mips-next (88603b6dc419 Linux 6.2-rc2)
Merging openrisc/for-next (34a0bac084e4 MAINTAINERS: git://github -> for openrisc)
Merging parisc-hd/for-next (32125c5c95f2 parisc: Limit amount of kgdb breakpoints on parisc)
Merging powerpc/next (53ab112a9508 Merge branch 'fixes' into next)
Merging powerpc-objtool/topic/objtool (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging soc-fsl/next (4b0986a3613c Linux 5.18)
Merging risc-v/for-next (b07de94d4501 Merge patch series "Allow calls in alternatives")
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in arch/riscv/kernel/probes/simulate-insn.h
Merging riscv-dt/riscv-dt-for-next (093ee97e24f8 Merge tag 'soc2arch-immutable' into riscv-dt-for-next)
Merging riscv-soc/riscv-soc-for-next (6635e91648ce soc: sifive: ccache: Add StarFive JH7110 support)
Merging s390/for-next (81927e347be0 Merge branch 'features' into for-next)
Merging uml/next (43ee0357e15b um: vector: Fix memory leak in vector_config)
Merging xtensa/xtensa-for-next (4414c1f5c7a3 xtensa: drop unused members of struct thread_struct)
Merging pidfd/for-next (6a857ab5b57c Merge branch 'fs.idmapped.overlay.acl' into for-next)
Merging vfs-idmapping/for-next (4e1da8fe0313 posix_acl: Use try_cmpxchg in get_acl)
Merging fscrypt/master (41952551acb4 fscrypt: add additional documentation for SM4 support)
Merging fscache/fscache-next (0885eacdc81f Merge tag 'nfsd-5.19-1' of git://
Merging afs/afs-next (a9eb558a5bea afs: Stop implementing ->writepage())
Merging btrfs/for-next (ea8846a3a63f Merge branch 'for-next-next-v6.2-20230113' into for-next-20230113)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/btrfs/tree-log.c
Merging ceph/master (8e1858710d9a ceph: avoid use-after-free in ceph_fl_release_lock())
Merging cifs/for-next (ee3ba4615255 cifs: Replace zero-length arrays with flexible-array members)
Merging configfs/for-next (77992f896745 configfs: remove mentions of committable items)
Merging ecryptfs/next (c1cc2db21607 ecryptfs: keystore: Fix typo 'the the' in comment)
Merging erofs/dev (b7bfaa761d76 Linux 6.2-rc3)
Merging exfat/dev (ef85ccafff6a exfat: handle unreconized benign secondary entries)
Merging ext3/for_next (1fb40763a58c udf: remove redundant variable netype)
Merging ext4/dev (1da18e38cb97 ext4: fix reserved cluster accounting in __es_remove_extent())
Merging f2fs/dev (7a2b15cfa8db f2fs: support accounting iostat count and avg_bytes)
Merging fsverity/fsverity (db85d14dc5c5 ext4: allow verity with fs block size < PAGE_SIZE)
Merging fuse/for-next (1b0e94993dbe fuse: optional supplementary group in create requests)
Merging gfs2/for-next (6b46a06100dd gfs2: Remove support for glock holder auto-demotion (2))
Merging jfs/jfs-next (a60dca73a1a8 jfs: makes diUnmount/diMount in jfs_mount_rw atomic)
Merging ksmbd/ksmbd-for-next (83dcedd5540d ksmbd: fix infinite loop in ksmbd_conn_handler_loop())
Merging nfs/linux-next (5dc4c995db9e Linux 6.2-rc4)
Merging nfs-anna/linux-next (7e8436728e22 nfs4: Fix kmemleak when allocate slot failed)
Merging nfsd/for-next (24b868a84f6e SUNRPC: Replace pool stats with per-CPU variables)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/nfsd/nfs4state.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/nfsd/nfsctl.c
Merging ntfs3/master (57c94236401b fs/ntfs3: Refactoring of various minor issues)
Merging orangefs/for-next (31720a2b109b orangefs: Fix kmemleak in orangefs_{kernel,client}_debug_init())
Merging overlayfs/overlayfs-next (637d13b57d85 ovl: Kconfig: Fix spelling mistake "undelying" -> "underlying")
Merging ubifs/next (8d0960731a26 jffs2: Fix list_del corruption if compressors initialized failed)
Merging v9fs/9p-next (1a4f69ef15ec 9p/client: fix data race on req->status)
Merging xfs/for-next (601a27ea09a3 xfs: fix extent busy updating)
Merging zonefs/for-next (6bac30bb8ff8 zonefs: Call page_address() on page acquired with GFP_KERNEL flag)
Merging iomap/iomap-for-next (f1bd37a47352 iomap: directly use logical block size)
Merging djw-vfs/vfs-for-next (a79168a0c00d fs/remap_range: avoid spurious writeback on zero length request)
Merging file-locks/locks-next (c65454a94726 fs: remove locks_inode)
Merging iversion/iversion-next (2b3319b35573 nfsd: remove fetch_iversion export operation)
Merging vfs/for-next (557e0248a8a0 Merge branch 'work.misc' into for-next)
Merging printk/for-next (c02bfc11c76b Merge branch 'rework/console-list-lock' into for-next)
$ git reset --hard HEAD^
Merging next-20230113 version of printk
Merging pci/next (25cfdd48a4bd Merge branch 'remotes/lorenzo/pci/switchtec')
$ git reset --hard HEAD^
Merging next-20230113 version of pci
Merging pstore/for-next/pstore (88603b6dc419 Linux 6.2-rc2)
Merging hid/for-next (bd92d2065ad1 Merge branch 'for-6.2/upstream-fixes' into for-next)
Merging i2c/i2c/for-next (59b3484a571e Merge branch 'i2c/for-mergewindow' into i2c/for-next)
Merging i3c/i3c/next (e826acc18bc7 i3c: transfer pid from boardinfo to device info)
Merging dmi/dmi-for-next (13a0ac816d22 firmware: dmi: Fortify entry point length checks)
Merging hwmon-staging/hwmon-next (774dccfe77dc hwmon: (ftsteutates) Add support for fanX_fault attributes)
Merging jc_docs/docs-next (2d4e6fe22edb Merge branch 'docs-mw' into docs-next)
Merging v4l-dvb/master (6599e683db1b Merge tag 'v6.2-rc1' into media_tree)
Merging v4l-dvb-next/master (d4acfa22b634 media: sun6i-isp: params: Unregister pending buffer on cleanup)
Merging pm/linux-next (837dc62247d5 Merge branch 'pm-cpuidle' into linux-next)
Merging cpufreq-arm/cpufreq/arm/linux-next (08f0adb193c0 cpufreq: armada-37xx: stop using 0 as NULL pointer)
Merging cpupower/cpupower (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging devfreq/devfreq-next (497e92ab8c8e PM / devfreq: Remove "select SRCU")
Merging opp/opp/linux-next (67052d09900b dt-bindings: cpufreq: cpufreq-qcom-hw: Add missing compatibles)
Merging thermal/thermal/linux-next (0a6d1825cb5c dt-bindings: thermal: qcom-spmi-adc-tm5: add qcom,adc-tm7)
$ git reset --hard HEAD^
Merging next-20230113 version of thermal
Merging dlm/next (aa7f4a21f6e5 fs/dlm: Remove "select SRCU")
Merging rdma/for-next (1ec82317a1da IB/hfi1: Use dma_mmap_coherent for matching buffers)
Merging net-next/master (298bfe27d112 Merge branch 'mlxbf_gige-add-bluefield-3-support')
Merging bpf-next/for-next (dfff86f8eb6a Merge branch 'samples/bpf: modernize BPF functionality test programs')
Merging ipsec-next/master (7e68dd7d07a2 Merge tag 'net-next-6.2' of git://
Merging mlx5-next/mlx5-next (9b2e3723728e net/mlx5: Introduce CQE error syndrome)
Merging netfilter-next/master (677fb7525331 Merge git://
Merging ipvs-next/master (60d86034b14e Merge tag 'mlx5-updates-2023-01-10' of git://
Merging bluetooth/master (7ed38304a633 Bluetooth: Fix possible deadlock in rfcomm_sk_state_change)
Merging wireless-next/for-next (d1c722867f80 net: lan966x: Remove a useless test in lan966x_ptp_add_trap())
Merging mtd/mtd/next (a30144c02c84 mtd: dataflash: remove duplicate SPI ID table)
Merging nand/nand/next (a2cfa6a24c61 mtd: rawnand: vf610_nfc: use regular comments for functions)
Merging spi-nor/spi-nor/next (55398beb0846 mtd: spi-nor: sfdp: Use SFDP_DWORD() macro for optional parameter tables)
Merging crypto/master (f81c1d4a6d3f crypto: sun8i-ce - Add TRNG clock to the D1 variant)
$ git reset --hard HEAD^
Merging next-20230113 version of crypto
Merging drm/drm-next (03a0a1040895 Merge tag 'drm-misc-next-2023-01-03' of git:// into drm-next)
Merging drm-misc/for-linux-next (da7faee2a158 drm/radeon: Do not include <drm/drm_fb_helper.h>)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/tests/drm_format_helper_test.c
Merging amdgpu/drm-next (dbc2309cac2a drm/amd/display: add hubbub_init related)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/amdgpu_amdkfd.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/amdgpu_amdkfd_gpuvm.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/amdgpu_device.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdkfd/kfd_process.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/display/amdgpu_dm/amdgpu_dm.c
Merging drm-intel/for-linux-next (c52f52375660 drm/i915/fbc: Avoid full proxy f_ops for FBC debug attributes)
Merging drm-tegra/for-next (08fef75f5e17 gpu: host1x: Staticize host1x_syncpt_fence_ops)
Merging drm-msm/msm-next (d73b1d02de08 drm/msm: Hangcheck progress detection)
Merging drm-msm-lumag/msm-next-lumag (4102e58923f1 Merge branches 'msm-next-lumag-core', 'msm-next-lumag-dpu', 'msm-next-lumag-dp', 'msm-next-lumag-dsi', 'msm-next-lumag-hdmi', 'msm-next-lumag-mdp5' and 'msm-next-lumag-mdp4' into msm-next-lumag)
Merging imx-drm/imx-drm/next (927d8fd465ad drm/imx: ipuv3-plane: Remove redundant color encoding and range initialisation)
Merging etnaviv/etnaviv/next (30527af2bed1 drm/etnaviv: Remove #ifdef guards for PM related functions)
Merging fbdev/for-next (88c6dda5f77c fbdev: omapfb: Use kstrtobool() instead of strtobool())
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in include/linux/fb.h
Merging regmap/for-next (861fa35db66c Merge branch 'regmap-linus' into regmap-next)
Merging sound/for-next (acdebd8b4c0c ALSA: fireface: implement message parser for Fireface 400)
Merging sound-asoc/for-next (2e60e59ce37f Merge remote-tracking branch 'asoc/for-6.3' into asoc-next)
CONFLICT (modify/delete): sound/soc/pxa/e740_wm9705.c deleted in HEAD and modified in sound-asoc/for-next. Version sound-asoc/for-next of sound/soc/pxa/e740_wm9705.c left in tree.
CONFLICT (modify/delete): sound/soc/pxa/e750_wm9705.c deleted in HEAD and modified in sound-asoc/for-next. Version sound-asoc/for-next of sound/soc/pxa/e750_wm9705.c left in tree.
CONFLICT (modify/delete): sound/soc/pxa/e800_wm9712.c deleted in HEAD and modified in sound-asoc/for-next. Version sound-asoc/for-next of sound/soc/pxa/e800_wm9712.c left in tree.
$ git rm -f sound/soc/pxa/e740_wm9705.c sound/soc/pxa/e750_wm9705.c sound/soc/pxa/e800_wm9712.c
Merging modules/modules-next (4836b450b000 test_kmod: stop kernel-doc warnings)
Merging input/next (407da561244b Merge tag 'v6.2-rc3' into next)
CONFLICT (modify/delete): drivers/input/touchscreen/ucb1400_ts.c deleted in HEAD and modified in input/next. Version input/next of drivers/input/touchscreen/ucb1400_ts.c left in tree.
$ git rm -f drivers/input/touchscreen/ucb1400_ts.c
Merging block/for-next (b0ebcbdf977b Merge branch 'for-6.3/io_uring' into for-next)
Merging device-mapper/for-next (7991dbff6849 dm thin: Use last transaction's pmd->root when commit failed)
Merging libata/for-next (38d431229bfb ata: libata: exclude FUA support for known buggy drives)
Merging pcmcia/pcmcia-next (15e74c6c1ce2 pcmcia: remove AT91RM9200 Compact Flash driver)
Merging mmc/next (1cb6f443cbdc Merge branch 'fixes' into next)
Merging mfd/for-mfd-next (153e461670b9 mfd: simple-mfd-i2c: Fix incoherent comment regarding DT registration)
Merging backlight/for-backlight-next (73516cbcf8d9 backlight: pwm_bl: Drop support for legacy PWM probing)
Merging battery/for-next (4e9498b835ab power: supply: bq25890: Support boards with more then one charger IC)
Merging regulator/for-next (e44f08c1c68d Merge remote-tracking branch 'regulator/for-6.3' into regulator-next)
Merging security/next (88603b6dc419 Linux 6.2-rc2)
Merging apparmor/apparmor-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging integrity/next-integrity (b6018af440a0 ima: Fix hash dependency to correct algorithm)
Merging keys/keys-next (2d743660786e Merge branch 'fixes' of git://
Merging safesetid/safesetid-next (64b634830c91 LSM: SafeSetID: add setgroups() testing to selftest)
Merging selinux/next (88603b6dc419 Linux 6.2-rc2)
Merging smack/next (1a3065e92046 smack_lsm: remove unnecessary type casting)
Merging tomoyo/master (fa17087e2442 tomoyo: Update website link)
Merging tpmdd/next (ceb626750358 crypto: certs: fix FIPS selftest dependency)
Merging watchdog/master (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging iommu/next (6a399c3b99ee Merge branches 'iommu/fixes', 'x86/amd' and 'core' into next)
Merging audit/next (88603b6dc419 Linux 6.2-rc2)
Merging devicetree/for-next (8ffbaa98ccf8 dt-bindings: ufs: qcom,ufs: document required-opps)
Merging dt-krzk/for-next (d3897e5e296e Merge branch 'next/qcom-pinctrl' into for-next)
Merging mailbox/mailbox-for-next (53c60d100427 dt-bindings: mailbox: qcom-ipcc: Add compatible for SM8550)
Merging spi/for-next (401b0e257059 Merge remote-tracking branch 'spi/for-6.3' into spi-next)
Merging tip/master (df1bebcf81d6 Merge branch into tip/master: 'x86/platform')
CONFLICT (modify/delete): arch/arm/mach-omap2/pm24xx.c deleted in HEAD and modified in tip/master. Version tip/master of arch/arm/mach-omap2/pm24xx.c left in tree.
$ git rm -f arch/arm/mach-omap2/pm24xx.c
Merging clockevents/timers/drivers/next (2eff537b37ca dt-bindings: timer: rk-timer: Add rktimer for rv1126)
Merging edac/edac-for-next (fed431d5c33a Merge ras/edac-drivers into for-next)
Merging irqchip/irq/irqchip-next (6ed54e1789a2 Merge branch irq/misc-6.2 into irq/irqchip-next)
Merging ftrace/for-next (14b7bc94a4f6 Merge branch 'trace/trace/for-next' into trace/for-next)
Merging rcu/rcu/next (5d8a515b71f0 rcutorture: Add SRCU deadlock scenarios)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in security/tomoyo/Kconfig
Merging kvm/next (fc471e831016 Merge branch 'kvm-late-6.1' into HEAD)
Merging kvm-arm/next (753d734f3f34 Merge remote-tracking branch 'arm64/for-next/sysregs' into kvmarm-master/next)
Merging kvms390/next (bedac519eefa s390/vfio-ap: check TAPQ response code when waiting for queue reset)
Merging xen-tip/linux-next (f57034cedeb6 xen/pvcalls: free active map buffer on pvcalls_front_free_map)
Merging percpu/for-next (b9819165bb45 Merge branch 'for-6.2' into for-next)
Merging workqueues/for-next (c63a2e52d5e0 workqueue: Fold rebind_worker() within rebind_workers())
Merging drivers-x86/for-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging chrome-platform/for-next (961a325becd9 platform/chrome: cros_ec: Use per-device lockdep key)
Merging hsi/for-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging leds/for-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging leds-lj/for-leds-next (6e04532c0848 leds: is31fl319x: Wrap mutex_destroy() for devm_add_action_or_rest())
Merging ipmi/for-next (041fae9c105a Merge tag 'f2fs-for-6.2-rc1' of git://
Merging driver-core/driver-core-next (7bbb89b420d9 driver core: change to_subsys_private() to use container_of_const())
Merging usb/usb-next (c2fb9a214da1 Merge 6.2-rc3 into usb-next)
Merging thunderbolt/next (953ff25fc9fb thunderbolt: Refactor tb_acpi_add_link())
Merging usb-serial/usb-next (b7bfaa761d76 Linux 6.2-rc3)
Merging tty/tty-next (b7bfaa761d76 Linux 6.2-rc3)
Merging char-misc/char-misc-next (b7bfaa761d76 Linux 6.2-rc3)
Merging accel/habanalabs-next (be5fff22e787 habanalabe/gaudi2: add cfg base when displaying razwi addresses)
Merging coresight/next (9266af7545d4 coresight: etm4x: Fix accesses to TRCSEQRSTEVR and TRCSEQSTR)
Merging fpga/for-next (3afe90d5b7a4 fpga: dfl: kernel-doc corrections)
Merging icc/icc-next (dbdbdf891e39 Merge branch 'icc-dt' into icc-next)
Merging iio/togreg (bfcae956d9b5 iio: adc: stm32-dfsdm: add id registers support)
Merging phy-next/next (43108bb2f347 dt-bindings: phy: convert meson-gxl-usb2-phy.txt to dt-schema)
Merging soundwire/next (545c365185a4 soundwire: stream: Move remaining register accesses over to no_pm)
Merging extcon/extcon-next (2e85d0a0201d extcon: qcom-spmi: Switch to platform_get_irq_byname_optional)
Merging gnss/gnss-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging vfio/next (70be6f322860 vfio/mlx5: error pointer dereference in error handling)
Merging staging/staging-next (b7bfaa761d76 Linux 6.2-rc3)
Merging counter-next/counter-next (dfeef15e73ca counter: microchip-tcp-capture: Add appropriate arch deps for TCP driver)
Merging mux/for-next (ea327624ae52 mux: mmio: drop obsolete dependency on COMPILE_TEST)
Merging dmaengine/next (ab223bc0edd2 dt-bindings: dma: qcom: gpi: add compatible for sm8550)
Merging cgroup/for-next (32a47817d075 cgroup/cpuset: fix a few kernel-doc warnings & coding style)
Merging scsi/for-next (4be502c27dba Merge branch 'fixes' into for-next)
Merging scsi-mkp/for-next (b3e92764f1ef Merge patch series "scsi: Add struct for args to execution functions")
$ git reset --hard HEAD^
Merging next-20230113 version of scsi-mkp
Merging vhost/linux-next (66c78aa2b9ba virtio: vdpa: new SolidNET DPU driver.)
Merging rpmsg/for-next (f9721c6a43b6 Merge branches 'rproc-next', 'rpmsg-next' and 'hwspinlock-next' into for-next)
Merging gpio/for-next (e73f0f0ee754 Linux 5.14-rc1)
Merging gpio-brgl/gpio/for-next (06bbaa64908f gpio: Remove unused and obsoleted irq_to_gpio())
Merging gpio-intel/for-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging pinctrl/for-next (8f18c3f3e3ac Merge branch 'devel' into for-next)
Merging pinctrl-intel/for-next (afa349bbb5d7 pinctrl: intel: Get rid of unused members in struct intel_function)
Merging pinctrl-renesas/renesas-pinctrl (80d34260f36c pinctrl: renesas: gpio: Use dynamic GPIO base if no function GPIOs)
Merging pinctrl-samsung/for-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging pwm/for-next (8fa22f4b88e8 pwm: pca9685: Convert to i2c's .probe_new())
Merging userns/for-next (05bd6e0242b4 Merge of unpriv-ipc-sysctls-for-v6.2, and fix-atomic_lock_inc_below-for-v6.2 for testing in linux-next)
Merging ktest/for-next (88a51b4f2e65 Add shell commands to variables)
Merging kselftest/next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging kunit/test (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging kunit-next/kunit (88603b6dc419 Linux 6.2-rc2)
Merging livepatching/for-next (cad81ab73997 Merge branch 'for-6.2/core' into for-next)
Merging rtc/rtc-next (4cd0ca1fe9a7 rtc: ds1307: Convert to i2c's .probe_new())
Merging nvdimm/libnvdimm-for-next (305a72efa791 Merge branch 'for-6.1/nvdimm' into libnvdimm-for-next)
Merging at24/at24/for-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging ntb/ntb-next (1a3f7484e076 NTB: ntb_transport: fix possible memory leak while device_register() fails)
Merging seccomp/for-next/seccomp (0fb0624b15d2 seccomp: fix kernel-doc function name warning)
Merging fsi/next (35af9fb49bc5 fsi: core: Check error number after calling ida_simple_get)
Merging slimbus/for-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging nvmem/for-next (ad80e15904ec nvmem: core: fix return value)
Merging xarray/main (69cb69ea5542 ida: Remove assertions that an ID was allocated)
Merging hyperv/hyperv-next (26520c34e621 Drivers: hv: Enable vmbus driver for nested root partition)
Merging auxdisplay/auxdisplay (ddf75a86aba2 auxdisplay: hd44780: Fix potential memory leak in hd44780_remove())
Merging kgdb/kgdb/for-next (c1cb81429df4 kdb: Fix the putarea helper function)
Merging hmm/hmm (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging cfi/cfi/next (312310928417 Linux 5.18-rc1)
Merging trivial/for-next (081c8919b02b Documentation: remove trivial tree)
Merging mhi/mhi-next (ccf27a84fe9a bus: mhi: host: Update mhi driver description)
Merging memblock/for-next (80c2fe022ef5 memblock tests: remove completed TODO item)
Merging cxl/next (589c3357370a PCI/CXL: Export native CXL error reporting control)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/cxl/pci.c
Applying: fix up for "cxl: fix cxl_report_and_clear() RAS UE addr mis-assignment"
Merging zstd/zstd-next (2aa14b1ab2c4 zstd: import usptream v1.5.2)
Merging efi/next (2a5b4ccf0de1 efi/earlycon: Speed up scrolling by disregarding empty space)
Merging unicode/for-next (b500d6d7243d unicode: Handle memory allocation failures in mkutf8data)
Merging slab/for-next (001aa6a1f0a0 Merge branch 'slab/for-6.3/cleanups' into slab/for-next)
Merging random/master (512dee0c00ad Merge tag 'x86-urgent-2023-01-04' of git://
Merging landlock/next (366617a69e60 selftests/landlock: Skip overlayfs tests when not supported)
Merging rust/rust-next (b9ecf9b9ac59 rust: types: add `Opaque` type)
Merging sysctl/sysctl-next (0dff89c4488f sched: Move numa_balancing sysctls to its own file)
Merging folio/for-next (03b33c09ea22 fs: remove the NULL get_block case in mpage_writepages)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/buffer.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/hugetlbfs/inode.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in include/linux/migrate.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in mm/migrate.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in mm/migrate_device.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in mm/zsmalloc.c
Merging execve/for-next/execve (88603b6dc419 Linux 6.2-rc2)
Merging bitmap/bitmap-for-next (2386459394d2 lib/cpumask: update comment for cpumask_local_spread())
Merging hte/for-next (1b929c02afd3 Linux 6.2-rc1)
Merging kspp/for-next/kspp (e80c0e628e88 Merge branch 'for-next/hardening' into for-next/kspp)
Merging kspp-gustavo/for-next/kspp (b942a520d9e4 bcache: Replace zero-length arrays with DECLARE_FLEX_ARRAY() helper)
Merging iommufd/for-next (b062007c63eb iommu: Remove IOMMU_CAP_INTR_REMAP)
Merging mm-stable/mm-stable (12b98f333f6b Merge branch 'master' into mm-stable)
Merging mm-nonmm-stable/mm-nonmm-stable (18e6340365ea Merge branch 'master' into mm-nonmm-stable)
Merging mm/mm-everything (aaca8e59ba2b Merge branch 'mm-nonmm-unstable' into mm-everything)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in Documentation/admin-guide/cgroup-v1/memory.rst
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/buffer.c
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