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SubjectRe: [PATCH RESEND v2 5/5] sbitmap: correct wake_batch recalculation to avoid potential IO hung

on 1/3/2023 10:12 AM, Kemeng Shi wrote:
> Friendly ping...
> on 12/26/2022 4:57 PM, Yu Kuai wrote:
>> 在 2022/12/26 15:50, Yu Kuai 写道:
>>>> why using
>>>> wake batch of 4 is safe for cards with say 32 tags in case active_users is
>>>> currently 32. Because I don't see why that is correct either.
>> I see, you guys are worried that during the period that some hctx
>> complete all it's not idle yet. It's right waiter might wait for
>> other hctx to become idle to be awaken in this case. However, I'm
>> not sure which way is better.
>> Ming, do you have any idea?
>> Thanks,
>> Kuai
Hi Jan. The magic batch 4 seems just for performance initially while
lacks of full consideration. And there is no better solution provided
in futher. Do you have any suggestion that I can do to make more

Best wishes
Kemeng Shi

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