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Subject[PATCH v4 0/8] A few bugfix and cleancode patch for bfq
Hi, this series contain two patches to fix bug in request injection
mechanism and some random cleancode patches.

-Thanks Jan and Damien for review. Collect Reviewed-by from Jan and
Damien. Now all patches get Reviewed-by tag.
-Make patches based on latest code and fix conflicts of patch 1/8
"block, bfq: correctly raise inject limit in bfq_choose_bfqq_for_injection"
and 5/8 "block, bfq: remove unnecessary dereference to get async_bfqq"

-Thanks Jan for review. Remove unnecessary brace in patch "block, bfq:
remove unnecessary goto tag in bfq_dispatch_rq_from_bfqq" according to
recommend from Jan and collect Reviewed-by tag from Jan for rest
-Drop patch "block, bfq: remove redundant bfqd->rq_in_driver > 0 check
in bfq_add_request" and "block, bfq: remove check of
bfq_wr_max_softrt_rate which is always greater than 0".

-improve git log.

Kemeng Shi (8):
block, bfq: correctly raise inject limit in
block, bfq: remove unsed parameter reason in bfq_bfqq_is_slow
block, bfq: initialize bfqq->decrease_time_jif correctly
block, bfq: use helper macro RQ_BFQQ to get bfqq of request
block, bfq: remove unnecessary dereference to get async_bfqq
block, bfq: remove redundant check in bfq_put_cooperator
block, bfq: remove unnecessary goto tag in bfq_dispatch_rq_from_bfqq
block, bfq: remove unused bfq_wr_max_time in struct bfq_data

block/bfq-iosched.c | 40 +++++++++++++++-------------------------
block/bfq-iosched.h | 2 --
2 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 27 deletions(-)


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