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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/2] dt-bindings: iio: adc: add Texas Instruments ADS7924
On 15/01/2023 17:32, Hugo Villeneuve wrote:
>>>>> + required:
>>>>> + - reg
>>>>> +
>>>>> + additionalProperties: false
>>>> You are not allowing anything else from adc.yaml. Is it on purpose?
>>> I am really not an expert with this Yaml stuff, and reading the documentation makes me probably more confused than before reading it :)
>>> But one thing that is for sure is that these other properties in adc.yaml are not used in my driver:
>>> bipolar
>>> diff-channels
>>> settling-time-us
>>> oversampling-ratio
>>> So is it Ok then to use "additionalProperties: false"? I think so, but what is your recommandation?
>> Makes sense to me. Whilst there are lots of things a channel can support, most
>> of them are hardware related and not universal.
> Ok, I think I am finally beginning to see the light here :)
> So I will then leave "additionalProperties: false".
> I will send a V4 soon with all the latest changes.

Just to clarify - we talk about hardware, not your Linux driver. What
your driver uses or doesn't, should not matter here that much.

Best regards,

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